13 Pimple Patches That Make Breakouts Disappear Overnight

Magic! (Er, science!)Photo: ImaxtreePimple patches, zit stickers, acne dots — whatever you want to call them, these tiny, stick-on skin treatments seem to be everywhere right now. And if you’ve ever actually tried one of them, you know why: For certain types of pimples, they can be an amazingly effective, insanely satisfying and a shockingly […]

‘Needle’ Face Creams and Patches Are the Newest Skin-Care Trend

Don’t worry, it sounds scarier than it is.Between injectables, fillers, “vampire” facials and derma rollers, suffice it to say that needles in beauty aren’t exactly a new concept. Well, put your sharp object ennui on hold for a hot second, because a new breed of needles is coming for your face — or, at least, […]