What Fashion Week is Like for Model and Body Positivity Activist Hunter McGrady

“I’m not even attending any events or any shows that are not inclusive.”Hunter McGrady (in red, center right) at DSW’s Inclusive Runway Redone Show with Create & Cultivate at Industria backstage with the models in the show. Photo: Smith House Photo/Courtesy of Create & CultivateFor model Hunter McGrady, fashion month is about more than booking runway shows […]

What Fashion Week is Like For Model Anok Yai

“I save up a bunch of money and I just go ham shopping for streetwear looks.”Anok Yai walks the Versace spring 2019 runway show. Photo: ImaxtreeFashion Week, or Month, rather, features a series of non-stop moving parts integral to the roaring machine — but at the center of it all reign the models. After all, the […]