Remedy Place Joins a Growing Trend of Health- and Wellbeing-Focused Social Clubs

Meet L.A.’s new “Soho House of wellness.”Meditation room at Remedy Place. Photo: Madeline Tolle for Remedy Place.Gone are the “Sex and The City“-meets-“Entourage” days of swanky happy hours full of cosmopolitans, cigarettes and next-day hangovers. On Thursday, Los Angeles’s infamous Sunset Strip cuts the ribbon to a sleek, new, dimly lit social club called Remedy […]

Dosist Wants to Build a ‘World-Class’ Cannabis Brand Around Wellness, Not Getting High

It’s off to a strong start.Inside Dosist Abbot Kinney. Photo: CourtesyIt hasn’t been two years since recreational marijuana use became legal in California, and yet the cannabis space has already become incredibly crowded with brands. Given that I live in the weed-filled bubble of Los Angeles, where smoking (or ingesting) the substance is as normal […]

Why the Beauty- and Wellness-Obsessed Are Turning to the Age-Old Practice of Herbalism

It’s trending, although we wouldn’t necessarily call it a “trend.”HRBLS Chews. Photo: Courtesy of HRBLSEvery Thursday, Rachelle Robinett has a standing residency at a hip, cozy spot in New York City’s West Village neighborhood. Her sets last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the crowd; but if you’re not the type for […]

Must Read: Cara Delevingne Is the New Face of Dior’s Fine-Jewelry Collection, Barneys Bankruptcy Draws Potential Buyers

Plus, Frank Ocean covers ‘W’ Magazine.An image from Cara Delevingne’s debut Dior Joaillerie campaign. Photo: Courtesy of DiorThese are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.Cara Delevingne fronts Dior’s Joaillerie collectionCara Delevingne is the newest face for Dior‘s fine-jewelry collection, Joaillerie. The model-turned-actress has a history with the luxury brand as she currently is the […]

The Next Generation of Wellness Brands Is Using DNA to Create Hyper-Customized Supplements

This is as personalized as it gets.Photo: Courtesy of RootineI just took a DNA test: Turns out, my NQO1 gene is 100% inactive. My results don’t exactly roll off the tongue à la Lizzo’s lyrics — but they are, at least, actionable. The stat is one of 52 genetic markers that supplement company Rootine takes into account […]

The 32 Best Beauty Products Fashionista Editors Discovered in August

Featuring a calming perfume oil, a CBD-spiked cream that’s the stuff of relaxation dreams and more.Photo: Courtesy of I Dew CareEach month, Fashionista editors try a *lot* of beauty products. And while not every formula we test is a winner, we’re constantly unearthing new favorites. Here, we’ve rounded up our latest hair, skin, fragrance, wellness […]

People Are Now Getting Injectables and Fillers as Forms of ‘Self-Care’

But just how responsible is that classification?Photo: Courtesy of GoodSkin ClinicsAh, self-care. The concept defies definition. As the name implies, it is entirely dependent on the self, meaning there could be as many as 7.53 billion variations on self-care being practiced in the world at this very second. For many, it starts and stops with […]

Norma Kamali Wants You to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Skinline, the first offering from the designer’s lifestyle brand Normalife, relies on “safe” and timeless ingredients for everyone.Norma Kamali. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Times Square Edition PremiereWith the introduction of her newest venture Normalife, a line of lifestyle, wellness and skin-care products, veteran fashion designer Norma Kamali is taking a big step into the […]

Lululemon Enters the Beauty Space With Gender-Neutral ‘Self-Care’ Products

On Tuesday, the athleticwear retailer will begin selling moisturizer, dry shampoo, deodorant and lip balm alongside its mega-popular leggings.Photo: Courtesy of LululemonAs the lines between athleisure, wellness, skin care and self care become hazier and more fashion brands look to cash in on the amazingly lucrative beauty market, the inevitable has happened: Lululemon, the successful […]

The Burgeoning Field of Psychodermatology Explores the Link Between Mental Health and Skin

If the mind can cause skin issues, can it heal them, too?Photo: ImaxtreeDr. Amy Wechsler would rather you didn’t call her a psychodermatologist, thanks. “My friends tease me; it’s not a great term,” she says with a sigh. Unfortunate double meaning aside, the portmanteau deftly describes Dr. Wechsler’s line of work. “I’m a psychiatrist and […]