20 Casual Wedding Dresses for the Low-Key Bride

It’s normal to want to be the center of attention on your wedding day. However, that doesn’t always equate to having the biggest and boldest wedding gown out there.  And that’s totally understandable. If you’re a low-key bride who’s maybe celebrating with less than 40 people, or you’re simply saying “I do” at city hall, […]

Spanish Brides Are Fixated on These 2019 Wedding Dress Trends

Given the scores of engagement announcements that cropped up on everyone’s feeds in the last several months, it’s safe to say a lot of people have weddings on the brain. I’m always curious to see what bridal styles are trending in different parts of the world, so I tapped the artistic director of Barcelona-based Pronovias, […]

Here’s What to Wear to a Formal Wedding

Ah, the stress of figuring out what to wear to a wedding can almost take the fun out of the whole celebration. But we’re here to break down the wedding-guest dress code for you, one nuptial venue at a time, to hopefully make the entire process easy and stress-free. We’ve already rounded up some of […]

24 Nontraditional Wedding Bands That Will Turn Heads

Weddings have their own set of trends that come and go with each passing year. Lately, one trend in particular has been popping up everywhere we look: unconventional rings. If you’ve already had your eye locked on a nontraditional engagement ring, why should its wedding band partner be any different? Whether you’re currently planning the […]

20 Breathtaking Moonstone Engagement Rings

With more betrothed folks forgoing the traditional diamond engagement rings, we think it’s about time an underrated stone got its day in the spotlight: the moonstone. A bohemian favourite adored by a lot of jewellery designers, the beautiful iridescent stone is gaining popularity in bridal jewellery across the board. While the vibe of a moonstone is […]

Non-Traditional Brides Will Love This Wedding Dress Trend

Though there are many traditions that come with weddings, sometimes the rules are only there to be broken. Sure, you could look through gorgeous gowns that were made to skim the floor or trail down the aisle, but if you consider yourself more of an unconventional bride, why not fully board that train instead? Rather […]

These Winter Wedding Colors Are Trending, According to an Expert

When planning a wedding, there are some things that the happy couple should be thinking about above all else. Once you’ve already nailed down the venue, for example, and selected your gown—arguably the most important aspects of the planning process—you can move on to some of the smaller details, like deciding your wedding colors. Like […]

The One Dress Style Every Winter Bride Should Consider

Okay, we’d be lying if we said that the process of choosing a wedding gown wasn’t one of our favorite parts of planning a wedding, but can you blame us? As fashion lovers, we know how important your outfit is as it’s an extension of your personal style. That said, depending on the season, there […]