The 7 Biggest Trends From Bridal Fashion Week

Just when you thought all of the fashion weeks were over, we have one more left to fill you in on—Bridal Fashion Week. Bridal Fashion Week stirs up less of a buzz than your average ready-to-wear collection showings do, but if you’re getting married in the next year or two (or simply dream about your […]

The 11 Best Wedding Looks From the Spring 2020 Bridal Collections

With expertise from “Brides” Executive Director Lisa Gooder.One more bridal fashion week in the books means another reason to team up with Brides — Executive Director Lisa Gooder, to be exact — to brainstorm our favorite  favorite looks of the season. Spring 2020 abounded with a wealth of options, from Meghan Markle-inspired minimalism to full-on embellishment in a spectrum of […]

Marc Jacobs and Char Defrancesco Are Officially Married

Some of fashion’s biggest names attended the couple’s wedding in New York City.Marc Jacobs and Charly “Char” Defrancesco officially tied the knot on Saturday in New York City. The designer proposed to Defrancesco in April 2018 in a Chipotle — complete with an elaborate flash mob that performed to Prince’s “Kiss.” (Sadly, there were no signs of burrito bowls or […]

4 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

While we tend to put most of our focus into searching for the perfect engagement ring, choosing the perfect wedding band to accompany it with is equally important. Of course, just like the beautiful ring your S.O. has given you, your wedding band is an extension of your commitment to your partner, and it should […]

The Best Wedding Bands for Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

With all the attention we like to give finding the perfect engagement ring, it’s easy to forget about the wedding band. While choosing your wedding band might seem easy, the task gets tougher when you have a less conventional engagement ring. Even finding a wedding band for classic pear-shaped engagement rings can be difficult. Which […]