The Most Daring Celebrity Bikini Trends of 2019

If you dare to bare like Hailey, EmRata, and basically the entire Kardashian-Jenner squad, you too can shop these bikini trends. Caution: Wave-hitting wardrobe malfunctions come with the territory. But hey—at least you won’t have to worry about paparazzi secretly snapping you. Scroll below to see and shop the most daring bikini trends that celebs are wearing […]

7 Swimsuit Trends Fashion Girls Are Skipping in 2019

Swimsuit season has officially arrived, everyone. If you, like this editor, are feeling very ready for a dose of sunshine on a beach somewhere far away, you’re probably considering which swimsuits are worth wearing. This time around, there is no shortage of new swimwear trends that will be appearing poolside and on our Instagram feeds, […]

This ’80s Bikini Trend Is Dominating Right Now

There are a few things I do every time I lie by the pool or go to the beach (after vigorously applying sunscreen): scrunch up my bikini bottoms to minimize tan lines, grip said bikini bottoms with both hands when exiting bodies of water (such as the pool and ocean) to prevent slippage, and take […]

4 Swimwear Trends London Fashion Editors Won’t Touch

“Call me a prude (or a wuss, or a lover of massive Bridget Jones–worthy undergarments), but I just cannot bring myself to wear thong swimwear. I don’t mind a small-ish pair of bikini bottoms, and it’s true that sometimes a leaner cut can be more flattering for any figure or size, but this is an […]

24 Barely There Swimsuits for Barely There Tan Lines

We have officially almost entered peak summer mode, which requires a uniform of bikinis, sandals, and not much else. If you find yourself constantly seeking as much sun as possible, chances are you want a swimsuit that will allow for the maximum amount of sun exposure. In other words, you’re going to need a barely […]

This Compliment-Generating Swim Trend Just Became 445% More Popular

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a swimsuit that’s really dang pretty. In my experience, nothing garners compliments and “where did you get that?”-type inquiries quicker than a pretty swimsuit. And the trend that’s as compliment-generating as any this summer also happens to be spiking in popularity. According to a recent Pinterest […]