From Waldorf to Wetsuits: The Ghost Fashion Designer of ‘Gossip Girl’ Now Makes Sustainable Swimwear

Abigail Lorick’s newly launched label Ansea seeks to offer a counterpoint to the male-dominated world of surf.Photo: Courtesy of William KanerFashionista first wrote about Abigail Lorick over a decade ago, when she was the ghost-designer behind Eleanor Waldorf’s fictional line on “Gossip Girl.” We meticulously covered her pencil skirts and Upper East Side accoutrements on […]

25 Black Swimsuits That Are Anything But Boring

That said, I do have one ultra-minimal Boden swimsuit that’s about five years old and is still going strong. Now that I know this is a relied-upon part of my vacation wardrobe, I thought it wise to invest in another, souped-up version for 2018: My new LBBS (little black bathing suit) is from Hunza G […]

20 Swimsuits That Fit Like Your Favorite Push-Up Bra

Push-up swimsuits, like their cousin in the lingerie department, have always been a controversial trend among the swimwear enthusiasts. But unlike the styles you may have come across in your younger days, don’t worry—they’re taking on a whole new look in 2020. From hidden padding to designs that give a natural lift, these styles feel […]

7 Bikini Styles That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

While one-piece swimsuits have experienced a renaissance as of late, nothing will usurp the iconic bikini. First popularized by the likes of Bridgette Bardot, Rita Hayworth, and Ava Gardner, this timeless French style has been around since the 1940s.But the humble two-piece has come a long way since its inception, as you can now buy […]

21 One-Piece Swimsuits to Buy If Bikinis Aren’t Your Thing

At one point, one-piece swimsuits were strictly reserved for the likes of competitive swimmers. However, those days are gone. And if you don’t consider yourself a two-piece swimsuit type of woman, you’re in luck, as designers have been churning out one-pieces that are undoubtedly hotter than the days you plan to wear them.To prove our […]

The #1 Bikini Style I Plan on Living in This Summer

There’s certainly no shortage of daring and innovative swim trends to choose from. String bikinis, high-cut (and we mean high) bikini bottoms, and itty bitty bikinis that cover only the bare minimum will be everywhere this summer. But as much as I’ve created an entire career out of tracking and trying trends, there’s just one […]

10 Chic Swimsuit Outfits You’ll Wear on Repeat This Spring

After years of research, we’re pleased to report that we’ve perfected the art of the swimsuit outfit. These ensembles are all about comfort and versatility—they’re meant to take you from the beach to the waterfront bar without skipping a beat.While layers and accessories are an important part of these looks, the bathing suits themselves are […]

30 Affordable One-Piece Swimsuits That Will Get You So Many Compliments

It’s safe to say that one-piece swimsuits, now affectionately referred to as maillots, are experiencing an exciting revival, one rooted in experimental design as opposed to its bygone era of practicality. Where a one-piece once felt synonymous with swim meets, it’s now arguably the fashion crowd’s preferred silhouette. With swim season just around the corner, swim designers are releasing […]

The Swimsuits Fashion Girls Are Already Wearing in Miami

While you sit and eat your sad lunch in your unnecessarily cold office, imagine this—it’s a warm, balmy day, you’re hanging out by the beach, sipping your drink of choice, and you’re in the bikini of your dreams. In case you can’t tell, I’m in desperate need of a vacation (insert skull emoji here). So while […]