Everything We Know About Kanye West’s Sunday Service

Back in January, Kim Kardashian-West started sharing Instagram stories of Kanye West staging gospel choir performances of his songs. These performances were often in rooms lit to suggest that a James Turrell glow is the modern-day equivalent of a Catholic rose window. (West is an avowed Turrell devotee.)Since then, West’s so-called Sunday Services have become […]

This Week’s Best Dressed Celebrities Went All-Out in Bold Patterns

Flowers, polka dots and animals, oh my!L-R: Olivia Wilde, Gina Rodriguez, Linda Cardellini and Kyanna Simone Simpson. Photos: Getty ImagesThough minimalism is still enjoying something of a heyday, fear not, those of you who love a bold pattern: Many of the best-dressed celebrities this week are refusing to ride the less-is-more wave, instead opting for adventurous, […]

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Became an Icon and Saved a Company in the Process. What Is It?

Reading about watches can often feel like cracking open a textbook. Browsing—and even buying—means being barraged with inscrutable words and phrases like ”tourbillons,” “perpetual calendars,” “minute repeaters,” and so on. So here, we’ll be breaking down the meaning, history, and importance of different watch terms. Welcome to GQ’s Watch Glossary.In 1970, the world was groovy, […]

What the World’s Emerging Designers Want You to Know

“I love being a part of this generation of designers, because I feel like anything is possible. It’s a generation that is hungry for change, whether that is cultural, environmental, or political.”As always, the fashion industry is changing at a rapid speed: Resale and rental fashion present a new challenge for manufacturers and retailers, Karl Lagerfeld […]

The Battle for the Heart of the Great American Nudie Suit

And now—*country banjo record scratch*—Post Malone? Yes, the white-guy rapper, who basically has all the refinement of a Gasoline Alley Iced Tea at the Indianapolis 500.But let’s back up for a minute, because the question of who wears and who makes Nudie Suits is rich and deep enough for the cheekiest and jangliest of Jenny […]

Can Everlane Disrupt Sneakers, Too?

I’m sorry to use the D-word in the very first sentence of a story about a digitally native direct-to-consumer company, but we are living in the age of sneaker disruption. The process is happening all around us: Resale site StockX is asking us to treat shoes like stocks and occasionally releasing them IPO-style. One of […]

Acronym Designer Errolson Hugh Sees the Future

There was one instance when Errolson (then about 13) and his brother were biking around the neighborhood and some white kids drove by “in their car, throwing stuff at us out the window.” Young Errolson flipped them the bird. The older teens slammed the brakes.“I was just thinking, I’m gonna get my ass totally kicked […]