14 Nail Polish and Ring Combinations That Were Practically Made for Each Other

Or MFEO for those “Sleepless in Seattle” fans out there.Photo: Courtesy of J. HannahA pretty manicure is nice. But you know what makes it even nicer? If it complements your jewelry just so. Sure, that signet ring on your pinky is chic as hell, but pair it with a beautiful creamy taupe nail polish with […]

19 of the Teeniest, Tiniest Hoop Earrings That Will Give You Intense Piercing Fever

The more, the merrier.Noted tiny-hoop-wearer Adwoa Aboah. Photo: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty ImagesIn Fashionista’s extremely humble opinion, there’s never a bad time to make an impromptu piercing appointment and add new holes in your head. (Until recently, a favorite studio of ours offered walk-ins, which explains how I’ve wound up with my own ever-climbing share of ear […]