A Complete Guide to Dermaplaning

Yes, you may want to start shaving your face.Photo: ImaxtreeEvery time I tell someone that I shave my face, a similar scene plays out: First, they become silent in their astonishment for a few seconds. Then come lots of questions. “If you don’t have any visible facial hair, why shave? “Doesn’t the hair grow back […]

A Complete Guide to At-Home Skin-Care Tools

A handy primer for the aspiring facialist in all of us.Photos (clockwise form upper left corner): Courtesy of Kora Organics, Herbivore, Tria, Skin Gym, Mount Lai, BeautyBio, NuFace, Ziip, Dermaflash, MDNA Skin and Mount Lai.Skin care used to be simple: Clean hands, wash face, apply moisturizer, the end. Now? Not so much. But just as […]

We Asked Dermatologists How to Treat All the Different Types of Acne Scars You Can Get

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to correct them.Photo: ImaxtreeIt’s easy to feel betrayed whenever a pimple pops up your skin, but one thing that can worsen the blow is the scarring it leaves behind in its wake. It’s almost like being incorrectly crowned Miss Universe by Steve Harvey: First comes the glory (making the zit go […]