3 Spring Trend Secrets From the Best-Dressed Scandi Girls

If you’ve ever glanced at a street style roundup, you’ve definitely encountered a familiar scene: Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Friis Madsen strolling side-by-side looking impossibly cool. Considering Copenhagen’s ability to set the trends, it’s no coincidence that both ladies are Danish. Aside from being the reigning queens of Scandi street style, Valdimars and Friis Madsen are the talented designers behind […]

8 Spring Trends That Are Technically Free

Is there anything better than a trend you don’t have to actually spend money on? This perpetually over-budget editor thinks not and is imagining those reading this are nodding in agreement as well. After all, who’s not about low risk coupled with high reward—especially when it comes to fashion? Again, I’ll assume you concur.But really, whether […]

7 Cute Spring Outfits to Wear With Booties

As excited as I get about the return of spring, I always seem to view it with a pair of rose-colored glasses. It isn’t until we’re in the deep throws of the season that I remember it’s an inbetweener season, one that doesn’t always consist of sun, warmth, and generally balmier days. In fact, it’s […]