11 Eye Shadow Primers That Do so Much More Than Just Hold Makeup in Place

They make it look better, too.Photo: ImaxtreeRegardless of whether you just swiped on one creamy color all over your lids, or went for a more involved, super-blended “Euphoria”-level look, there are few makeup struggles more annoying than actually putting effort into applying eye shadow, only for it to shift or melt off (or both) within […]

These 11 Hydrating Water-Based Primers Are Perfect for Sensitive Skin

And oily, combination and acne-prone types, too.Photo: @beccacosmetics/InstagramIt’s widely understood that the first and most important job of primers is to keep your makeup from melting, slipping and moving around your face throughout the day. What might be less commonly known, however, is how to tell what type of primer is right for your skin, […]

11 Lightweight Foundation Sticks That’ll Cut Your Makeup Routine in Half

A must-have product for lazy makeup wearers.Photo:@fleshbeauty/InstagramFoundation sticks have long been lauded as the “lazy person’s foundation,” and we’re here to confirm that that’s not untrue. Whether you’re running low on time, don’t feel like spending the time in the first place or are just notoriously bad at applying foundation, the appeal of achieving a […]