8 Reasons That Gwyneth Paltrow’s Skin Looks So Great at 47

While age is nothing but a number, I have to admit that I’m somewhat fascinated with the way in which celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, Gwynnie are only looking more and more incredible in their 40s and 50s. And, as someone who turned 30 this year with skin that doesn’t even boast a fraction of these A-listers luminosity, I’m all about […]

11 Perfumes Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing This Winter

Winter is near, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is the season chock-full of holidays, but the cooler temperature lends itself to new opportunities for layering coats, scarves, and boots to our heart’s content. Another wardrobe component that gets extra consideration during the equinox is our perfume choice. After […]

FYI: Versed Just Launched the Clean, $22 Retinol Serum of Your Dreams

I’m about to be one million percent honest with you. As much as I love Versed, I did not want to try this product. It’s not that I don’t love everything Versed stands for (affordable prices! nontoxic! eco-friendly packaging! active ingredients!), it’s just that when it comes to retinol. I’m just a tad, shall we say, scarred. In […]

Victoria Beckham Just Made Her Own Moisturizer With This Skincare Professor

It’s official: I am totally obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s skin. From forgoing my own carefully honed skincare routine for an entire week in favour of switching to VB’s (no hardship, I’m sure you’ll agree) to fine-combing her Instagram for the very best skincare tips direct from the lady herself, there’s no arguing with the fact that I take a Beckham […]