14 New Sandals That Will Sell Out Before March

Picture it: In several weeks’ time, you’ll finally be able to put away your winter boots, coats, and scarves. Won’t that feel liberating? When spring arrives, everyone will be switching out their winter wares out for sandals, swimsuits, and dresses, and it never hurts to get a bit of a jump start on the action—especially when […]

Celebs Are Crowning These Designer Flats the Latest It Shoes

Designers drop new It pieces at the speed of light these days, so if you’re not paying close attention you might miss the latest important shoe, bag, or accessory to hit the fashion world. It’s one reason we keep such a close eye on what celebs are wearing—they tend to be our number one source for uncovering the latest designer It […]

Here’s the 2020 Way to Match Your Shoes and Bag

We’re just going to throw it out there: Matching your shoes and handbag perfectly to each other is an old-school concept. It works, it looks great, and it can take the guesswork out of styling, but it’s just not a necessary guideline to follow. Especially since there are plenty of less-expected ways to cleverly piece […]

23 Pairs of Marked-Down Manolos Carrie Bradshaw Would 100% Buy

Manolo Blahniks: Celebrities and It girls opt for them, royals approve of them, my mom strongly suggests investing in them, and, of course, both fictional Carrie Bradshaw and real-life Sarah Jessica Parker love them. If you couldn’t guess already, this editor is also, unwaveringly, aligned.So what do you do when you find a pair of Manolos […]

The Royal-Approved Shoe Trend That Will Reign Supreme This Spring

What’s the easiest way to add a fresh and modern touch to your 2020 ensembles? With a brand-spanking-new pair of shoes, of course! The spring 2020 runways were rife with exciting soles to stimulate our sartorial senses this year—from chain details to over-the-knee-boots and sunny, vibrant hues. But what we’re particularly loving this year is the resurgence […]

25 Heels That Are Way More Comfortable Than Flats

If you’ve ever owned a pair of flats—ballet, loafers or even sandals—that were so painful you practically couldn’t walk in them, then this story is for you. (We know your pain!) Sure, every pair of new shoes takes time to break in, and we’re willing to give a grace period before we officially condemn a […]

We Ranked 12 Boot Trends From Classic to Audacious

While trend-averse shoppers might not be willing to test-drive culottes or metallic ombré leggings, shoes are often a category where people feel comfortable going out on a limb. After all, even with the craziest shoe trend, you can still wear your beloved jeans and a basic sweater to tone down the look. Wherever you fall on the shoe trend […]