6 Comfortable Shoe Trends That Won’t Kill My Feet This Spring

As an East Coast transplant (from sunny Southern California), I could wax poetic about how liberated I feel once spring comes around. It doesn’t matter that 10 years have passed since I made the move. Getting to shed the bulky winter layers, reintroduce sleeveless tops into my lexicon, and most importantly, embrace less practical shoes make the seasonal transition something […]

5 Divisive Shoe Styles That Are Trending for Spring

Every time a new season comes around, it’s a given that not every trend (no matter how prevalent) will be a fit for every person’s taste or style. Some trends are more or less favorable among buyers, critics, editors, and consumers, while others can be a bit more divisive. In other words, they spark more […]

The “Risky” Shoe Trend Taking the Place of Basic Booties

When it comes to boot trends, there are key styles that will always be “in” like pointed booties and moto silhouettes. But this season, fashion people and celebs alike continue introducing fresh boot silhouettes into their wardrobes as alternatives to basic booties, including a slighter “riskier” choice: platform boots.Statement-making in nature, this shoe style has […]

The Ugliest Shoes of 2020, From Least to Most Outrageous

Whether you love them, feel indifferent, or want to go run and hide at the thought of them, you can’t deny that ugly shoes are dominating the conversation this year. There’s no doubt we’ve hit peak “ugly.” We can hardly scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of Chanel’s orthopedic sandals or go a week without hearing […]