The 6 Summer It-Tops Everyone Is Already Wearing

We can all agree that this weather isn’t making our morning commute any easier. Aside from the traffic and tube delays, there’s now the “four-season day” to consider. How is a girl supposed to dress? Well, although we should take our mothers’ advice and go weather-appropriate at all times, our go-to shopping sites and Instagram’s […]

Prepare to Obsess Over This $65 Instant Outfit From Zara

Knitted matching sets became my new favorite thing last autumn. Pre-styled enough to feel considered and more directional than a mere winter dress, but essentially matchy and therefore easy to throw on, this is coziness combined with being pulled-together. These skirt and jumper combinations always look sophisticated (just make sure they aren’t too clingy and tight), […]

6 New Trends I’ll Be Wearing Until 2020

I wouldn’t say that I’m trend-resistant per se, but I am more cautious about adding new trends into my wardrobe than other peers in the fashion industry. I see my wardrobe as constantly evolving and experimental to an extent, but it’s also heavily rooted in classic pieces I can wear again and again. When it […]

The 20-Piece 2019 Fashion Insider Wardrobe

We’re all curious about which items will define the fashion insider wardrobe in 2019. I’m especially interested in which pieces stylish women will own this year, so I reached out to find out what’s sitting in their closets and in their shopping carts. I wanted to learn which items they’ll be wearing in the near future—but before […]

7 Trends That Are Already Dominating 2019

After a quick scroll through Instagram this week, it occurred to me just how many of the 2019 fashion trends I’ve been waiting to see IRL have arrived. Yep, all of those pieces I spotted on the runways so many months back and have written trends reports on are finally trickling onto the Instagram fashion scene. For […]

5 2018 Trends That Are Already Extinct

We’ve rounded the corner from 2018 and landed our feet firmly in 2019. Just a few weeks in, some of last year’s biggest trends have already faded away on the fashion scene. Yep, some of the most talked-about trends—like vinyl bags—are already extinct, having vanished from our Instagram feeds. But just as those outdated fashion […]