8 Outfits Women Over 40 Will and Won’t Wear

We consistently turn to women over 40 for much of our sartorial direction. After all, we consider this set to be certified experts given their time developing polished personal wardrobes after style trial and error over the years.While we recently highlighted the jeans women over 40 love, we thought we’d focus next on the specific ensembles […]

NYC Girls Wear These 7 Dressy Outfits When They Want to Party

We consistently turn to NYC girls for wardrobe inspiration given their expertise in combining fashion and function. While we often look to this set for their easy, casual outfit ideas, it’s their dressier ensembles we wanted to focus on today. In fact, after scrolling through a range of images on Instagram recently, we realized that many […]

So It’s 40 Degrees Outside? Here’s What to Wear

When it comes to any climate that’s frigidly cold or swelteringly hot, what to wear seems very straightforward. It’s either as many layers as possible or as few. But somewhere around 40°F, things start to get murky. It’s cold—no doubt about it—but also bordering the transitional-weather season when people can start to get away with […]

I Let a French Girl Judge My Style—Here Are Her Tips

Scrolling through the Instagram feeds of French trendsetters like Jeanne Damas or Anne-Laure Mais, it’s easy to see there’s just something so effortless about the way they pull off Parisian style. As a native Californian (and current New Yorker), I feel a bit like an actress in costume when testing the waters of French-girl style. […]

8 Celebrity Jean-and-Boots Outfits We All Need to Copy

It’s officially that time of year where boots are the everyday shoe of choice and the likely hood that you’re pairing them with jeans is at about a 95%—100% if you’re me. That means that there’s a good chance you’re also starting to run low on original outfit ideas because I, personally, have already been repeating for […]