The Burgeoning Field of Psychodermatology Explores the Link Between Mental Health and Skin

If the mind can cause skin issues, can it heal them, too?Photo: ImaxtreeDr. Amy Wechsler would rather you didn’t call her a psychodermatologist, thanks. “My friends tease me; it’s not a great term,” she says with a sigh. Unfortunate double meaning aside, the portmanteau deftly describes Dr. Wechsler’s line of work. “I’m a psychiatrist and […]

13 Skin-Care Products to Help (Finally) Fade Your Acne Scars

They’ll render your concealer all but obsolete.Photo: ImaxtreeIn a totally unscientific, uncontrolled poll on my Instagram Story the other day, I used that handy “Question” feature to ask my female followers why they really wear makeup. The IRL filter effect? Self-expression? Creative fulfillment? The most popular answer — by far — was, somewhat surprisingly, “because I’m […]

Swap Your Eye Cream for One of These 9 Brightening, De-Puffing Oils

They’re game changers for sensitive, dry skin.Photo: Imaxtree“Oil” used to be a dirty word in the skin-care realm. Let’s not forget that in 1999 “Oil of Olay” permanently changed its brand name to Olay, recognizing that ’90s and early-aughts era consumers wanted to be matte and abhorred the notion of appearing greasy. Fast-forward 20 years, […]