Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Using Mental Health to Connect With ‘the Anxious Generation’

Millennials and Gen Z are normalizing conversations around mental health, and brands are getting on board.Inside the Saks Fifth Avenue X Happy Not Perfect installation.Courtesy of Saks Fifth AvenueIf you live in New York or Los Angeles, this year, you might have come across a massive ad on the side of a building that read, […]

Remedy Place Joins a Growing Trend of Health- and Wellbeing-Focused Social Clubs

Meet L.A.’s new “Soho House of wellness.”Meditation room at Remedy Place. Photo: Madeline Tolle for Remedy Place.Gone are the “Sex and The City“-meets-“Entourage” days of swanky happy hours full of cosmopolitans, cigarettes and next-day hangovers. On Thursday, Los Angeles’s infamous Sunset Strip cuts the ribbon to a sleek, new, dimly lit social club called Remedy […]

The Burgeoning Field of Psychodermatology Explores the Link Between Mental Health and Skin

If the mind can cause skin issues, can it heal them, too?Photo: ImaxtreeDr. Amy Wechsler would rather you didn’t call her a psychodermatologist, thanks. “My friends tease me; it’s not a great term,” she says with a sigh. Unfortunate double meaning aside, the portmanteau deftly describes Dr. Wechsler’s line of work. “I’m a psychiatrist and […]

The Dangerous Side Effect of Digital Wellness

The direct-to-consumer health and telemedicine industry is booming — but the way some medications are marketed online is creating controversy.Do you get butterflies before a first date? Sweaty palms? Maybe you let out a nervous giggle or two? Well, direct-to-consumer digital healthcare platform Hers is here to save the day. The woman-centric wellness brand makes […]

Kate Spade New York Donates $1 Million to Support Suicide Prevention and Awareness

The announcement comes two weeks after news of the founding designer’s death.Photo: @katespadeny/InstagramWhen news broke that Kate Valentine, better known as Kate Spade, took her own life earlier this month, it rocked both the fashion industry and the wider world. On Wednesday morning, Kate Spade, the brand, announced its plan to donate more than $1 million […]