These 26 Springy Shoe Styles Are Bringing Fashionista Editors Joy Right Now

From low wedge heels to ’90s-inspired Tevas.Photo: ImaxtreeThe next few weeks and months look dizzyingly unpredictable, but we do know that summer is near, and one way to thrive in a world in flux is to focus on the positives of warmer weather. Think about extra fresh fruits and free vitamin D; the mood-boosting benefits of […]

13 Socks With Heels Combos to Try This Winter

Say goodbye to blilsters and literal cold feet.Photo: Imaxtree While we await the not-so-pleasant arrival of winter, we should take full advantage of this pre-snow boots transitional weather by wearing socks with sandals. It’s a styling trick Gucci and Max Mara often play up on the runways, and one that we should really consider, seeing as it allows […]

27 Beaded Bags That Are Like Sunshine You Can Carry

Pure joy ahead.Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty ImagesIn their heyday, “It” bags — with their logo-heavy designs and easy-to-spot silhouettes — stood for conspicuous consumption. These days, though, the bag market is flooded with more choices and points of sale than ever, meaning that popular purses no longer have to boast four-figure price tags or have overwrought styles. Proof of […]

Crochet Bags Are the Unexpected Winter Accessory You Need

The craft isn’t just for old ladies and flimsy afghan quilts.Photo: Imaxtree If you Google the origins of crochet, you’ll get a variety of theories as to where and when the needlework technique came about. It appears the first decisive evidence of the craft was in Europe during the late-19th century, where it was thought of […]

32 Bucket Bags That Will Reinvigorate Your Love of the Still-Popular Style

A new wave of designers are preventing this shape from becoming stale.London Fashion Week Street Style. Photo: Chiara Marina Grioni/FashionistaIt’s been nearly six years since Mansur Gavriel found overnight success with its incredibly popular bucket bag that created a widespread demand for the ’70s-inspired handbag style that is still being felt today.One of the most […]

13 Pairs of Mary Janes, the Kid-Famous Shoe That’s Shockingly Great for Adults, Too

This party-ready style will take you everywhere this winter.Photo: ImaxtreeIf thinking of Mary Janes brings up images of a classic, go-to shoe for parents to put their children in when they’re headed somewhere fancy and probably not kid-friendly — because they’re as adorable as a shoe can realistically be, and extremely easy to take on and […]

27 Pairs of Bright Red Shoes to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Think of them as the literal cherry on top of your outfit.Photo: Imaxtree A red shoe in fall is the sartorial equivalent of an exclamation mark: It’s unexpected, exciting and attention-grabbing, as well as a welcome contrast from the neutral tones we tend to live in during the colder months. The punchy pop of color livens […]

16 Sock Sneakers Good Enough for Cardi B

Even if you can’t afford Balenciaga.Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images It is the summer/year/decade/lifetime of Cardi B and her proclamation that she likes “those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks” on “I Like It.” Post-“Invasion of Privacy” drop, I bought a pair of sock sneakers for myself and have had the lyric joyfully screamed at me […]

29 Silver Heels That Are Like a Disco Ball for Your Feet

Shine on, baby.Photo: @aveclesfilles/InstagramAs far as I’m concerned, both animal prints and metallics are neutrals. Maybe that’s because I consider the fabulous Peg Bundy to be a style icon (despite her often questionable taste), but the versatility of a silver shoe is pretty undeniable. A favorite of matchy-matchy wedding parties, silver heels have recently become […]