These 7 Stores Have the Dreamiest Lingerie

What if we told you we found all the best online lingerie stores that not only make refreshing your undergarment drawer incredibly easy—you can scoop up all these pieces from the comfort of your own home—but also really fun. Yep, prepare to change your mind about lingerie shopping because the below labels are changing the game when […]

We Found the Best Lingerie Brands, Hands Down

When it comes to finding out your correct bra size, we’ve got you covered with a genius calculator, and when it comes to shopping the best bras, we also know where to go. But what about the best lingerie brands? Lingerie doesn’t just cover bras—we’re talking about knickers, pj sets, bodysuits, robes and bras. As […]

The Impossibly Lightweight Bra Alyssa Is Stocking Up on for Summer

It’s a piece from Alexander Wang’s Airism collaboration with Uniqlo, and I’ve already bought five.Photo: UniqloAs a breast cancer survivor who opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction following my treatment nearly 10 years ago, I can count on one hand how many bras I’ve purchased over the last decade. Being that I barely need […]

And Now, the Best Shapewear for Every Type of Dress

A-Line and Fit-and-Flare “An A-line or fit-and-flare dress is actually very flattering. This silhouette would require minimal shapewear. Depending on your shape or size, you can try classic high-waisted shorts, briefs, or a waist cincher.” The seams on these make them so flattering. You’ll feel completely supported in these. If you’re wearing something shorter, these […]

This Staple Lingerie Item Doesn’t Nearly Get the Hype It Deserves

Let’s talk wardrobe foundations here for a minute.  Everyone has that T-shirt bra they can wear all day, a ready-for-anything underwear collection, and some sturdy tights—but there’s one staple that doesn’t nearly get enough love (even though fashion girls never overlook it): the lace bodysuit. If you’ve even peeked at Instagram over the last few years, you’ll know […]

The 25 Best Boy Shorts for Thong Haters

Despite my love for formfitting pants, I’ve never gotten along with thongs. Trust me—I’ve tried. But after years of trying to find a discreet place to pick a wedgie (excuse the TMI, but we’re all friends here), I threw in the towel and resigned myself a life of VPL so serious it could be spotted from outer space.Until […]

9 Lies Everyone’s Telling You About Lingerie

Lingerie can be a lot of things—necessary, sexy, delicate, strong, beautiful—but what it certainly is not is the sum of its misconceptions. Openly talking about lingerie is not something most women are comfortable with, and because of that, a whole circle of “lies” has developed around the topic, further pushing women into their holes of […]