These Brands Are Tackling Both Sustainability and Queerness Through Clothes

Meet Willie Norris Workshop, Salt and Hecha/做.Salt. Photo: Courtesy of SaltDiscussions around sustainability and queerness are slowly growing in the fashion industry, but not many mainstream brands are considering both issues when producing collections and products. However, a new group of emerging brands are tackling these matters at the same time, taking a more holistic […]

6 Indie Fashion Magazines Highlighting Queer Storytelling in an Authentic Way

They’re promoting visibility for and by LGBTQIA+ individuals in a way that feels dynamic and non-exploitative.“Posture” Magazine’s Issue 2 cover. Photo: Courtesy of “Posture”While, historically, the pages of print magazines have been filled with the bodies of only a select few — typically those who are white, straight, slender, cis-gender and able-bodied — a group […]

These Gender-Neutral Labels to Watch Provide Inclusive Communities Through Clothes

Meet Radimo, Rebirth Garments and Official Rebrand.Official Rebrand. Photo: @official_rebrand/InstagramThere’s no doubt that visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in the fashion industry has increased in recent years. The Fall 2018 runways boosted non-binary and transgender castings, with a record 64 models falling into either of those categories, marking the most-inclusive fashion month to date. (The most recent season […]