The 25 Warmest Leggings for Winter

Sometimes all we want to wear come wintertime are cozy, comfortable leggings. But many can be slightly too thin to withstand the frigid temps and blistering wind. Enter warm leggings designed in weighty fabrics like wool and fleece. Once you slip into a pair, you’ll question ever reaching for your jeans during the cold-weather months. To […]

How to Wear Leggings in 2019

Like us, you probably have a stack of leggings in your closet waiting to be paired with the rest of your wardrobe in fresh ways. That’s where legging-loving celebrities and models come in. Comfort has undoubtedly been a priority in 2019 (per usual in recent years), as It girls have stepped out in a slew of cool outfits […]

J.Lo Wore the Pretty Leggings Even Nordstrom Can’t Keep in Stock

If any of us went to the gym as frequently as Jennifer Lopez does, we’d probably have a collection of leggings that’s as enviable as hers. Lopez is spotted going to and from the gym more than any other celebrity—she puts in the work and her near ageless appearance is proof. But while she’s lifting weights and logging squats, she’s […]

It’s Official: These Are the Top-Rated Yoga Pants on Amazon

If you’re an online shopper—which, guessing by the fact that you’re reading this, you are—chances are you’re more than familiar with Amazon (and the appeal Amazon Prime, for that matter). And let’s face it: Is there anything the major retailer doesn’t have? From life-changing products to under-the-radar beauty buys, it goes without saying that Amazon has […]

And Now, How to Wear Leggings Every Day of the Year

At this point, will leggings ever leave our closets? The answer is probably no, and we’re not one bit upset about it. While it may feel like there are designated moments that call for the athleisure staple (working out, traveling, and running errands, to name a few), these formfitting bottoms are becoming more of a mainstay among our […]

The 7 Biggest 2019 Legging Trends to Know

Leggings have become a major staple in women’s wardrobes, workout fiends or not. The designs have gotten more and more polished each year, too, so it’s never been easier to go straight from the studio to the street, with athleisure brands churning out new trends at a quick pace in an effort to meet the […]