11 Ways Fashion Girls Are Styling 2020’s Biggest Jewelry Trend

If you thought that there is no place for jewelry at home, you’re wrong. Even if you plan on staying in loungewear for the foreseeable future, there is one major jewelry trend that will fit your aesthetic, whether that’s sweatpants or summer dresses, and that trend is chain necklaces. It feels like we’ve been reporting on this trend forever […]

How to Tell If a Rolex Is Real

While it may sound obvious, consulting the documents that accompany the watch is an important way to tell if a Rolex is real. Ideally, an authentic Rolex should be accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and a full warranty. This is true even if you’re purchasing a Rolex through a secondary or independent retailer. […]

How to Tell If Gold Is Real

Most authentic gold jewelry pieces bear a hallmark, a small stamp noting the karat weight of the gold. On jewelry items of American origin, this usually shows up as a number followed by the letter K. For instance, a piece of jewelry that bears the hallmark 24K is made from 100% solid gold, while an […]

People Are Apparently Buying a Lot of Fine Jewelry to Wear With Their Sweats

Does it all boil down to jewelry being a safe investment? Its ability to spark joy? Connell’s chain?Photo: Courtesy of The Last LineShopping behavior during this worldwide pandemic has been an interesting thing to observe. Obviously, categories like athleisure and household items have seen a surge in demand, but people are also evidently buying more […]

4 Pretty Summer Jewelry Trends You Can Score on Amazon

Doing just about all your shopping on Amazon these days? You aren’t the only one. During an unsettling time of continued social distancing, searching high and low for your next purchase, whether that be food or clothing, can seem trivial, but thanks to Amazon, shopping has never felt easier. Since we are still encouraging all […]

Wolf Circus Makes the Kind of Jewelry That Instagram Eats Up

In 2016, demi-fine jewelry brand Wolf Circus had already been in business for five years. Though based in Vancouver, the line — which toes a curious line between fully eccentric and pristinely minimalistic — hadn’t yet “arrived,” so to speak, here in the U.S. That would soon change.“I made the decision that season to be […]

3 Simple Jewelry Trends Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

Given that many of us are spending most of our time at home these days and dealing with all sorts of life’s curveballs, it’s no surprise that in fashion categories from loungewear to footwear to today’s topic of jewelry, It items have emerged that we didn’t necessarily predict back when we were forecasting spring and […]