As Lab-Grown Diamonds Near Mainstream Acceptance, the Entire Industry Is Changing

The lab-grown and mining industries may even be pushing one another to become more transparent and ethical.Long before streetwear brands like Supreme popularized a business model built on limited-edition drops, the diamond industry used scarcity to drive up the desirability and perceived value of diamonds. There have always been a finite number of these sparkling chunks […]

7 Chic Accessories Once Owned by an American Royal

In today’s era of online shopping, social media, and next-day delivery, it’s easy to imagine coveting the boots, handbag, or dress worn by Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle and purchasing it for yourself. But can you imagine acquiring the very item worn by your favorite duchess? Not quite as easy, which is why we were both intrigued and […]

Dhani Wants to Dial Up Her Jewelry Aesthetic With These Gold Hoops

I’m trying to start wearing jewelry people can actually see.Mejuri Croissant Dôme Earrings, $65, available here.I’m a pretty extreme minimalist when it comes to jewelry. For years, I didn’t wear any at all, and only really started wearing earrings in my late 20s. Perhaps because I got used to seeing my ears naked, anything bigger […]

Maria Wants to Spice Up Her Piercings With This Earring Trio

This set has everything: pearls, beads, a glass chili and my favorite swear word.Éliou Trio Earring Pack “Fuck, It’s Hot,” $135, available here.Since I started working for this website, I’ve added three holes to my head, mostly because my co-workers have carefully curated their ears with very stylish jewelry, but mainly because almost every other […]

12 Accessories I Got So Many Compliments on in Paris

When packing for Paris Fashion Week this season, I considered how to balance my love for statement pieces with the classic style sensibility the French are famous for. I landed on a strategy grounded in accessories, letting them enhance and decorate my outfits that showed a tad bit more restraint than usual. And when I […]

Insiders Are Skipping Gold Jewelry and Wearing This Instead

For years now, yellow gold has been winning out as the most popular metal for jewelry among fashion insiders. Gold pieces—whether filled or plated, high-end or costume—have been the fashion set’s unofficial go-to accessories to tie their looks together. With the unwavering popularity of yellow gold, we’ve covered everything from the best colors to wear […]

17 Chunky Gold Jewels That Prove Not All ’80s Trends Were Bad

From chain bracelets to signet rings.A look from the Versace Fall 2019 collection. Photo: Imaxtree To put it simply, there was a lot going on in the ’80s when it came to style. From the hairspray and mullets to the lace gloves and parachute pants, more was decidedly more, for better or worse. And while some […]

13 Affordable Jewelry Brands Our Editors Never Take Off

I probably don’t need to tell you how intimidating (and stressful) jewelry shopping can be. From the plethora of options to the prices to the varying qualities, it’s hard for everyone—including us. However, one thing that I have found always helps when I’m in the market for something is recommendations. Right? It never hurts to […]