And Now, 7 Fine Jewelry Brands You’re About to Fall in Love With

It goes without saying that fine jewelry can be an extremely special investment. While you the high-quality materials in each piece plays a part, they also often symbolize something beyond their material value. Whether it’s a beautiful engagement ring from your S.O. or a necklace you bought for yourself to celebrate a major achievement, jewelry […]

Cartier’s Newest Collection Has Already Reached Cult Status

When you think of Cartier and its multitude of products with a cult following, chances are you think of the brand’s iconic Love Bracelet, it’s new Guirlande de Cartier handbag (which is already beloved by influencers everywhere), and now, you’ll also think of Clash de Cartier. Clash de Cartier is Cartier’s latest jewelry collection that’s all […]

The Diamond Necklace You Can Wear for Any Occasion

While there has been a clear increase in colored gemstone jewelry as of late—including the personal touch of birthstones—there’s nothing more classic (and versatile) than floating diamond necklaces. Perhaps Marilyn Monroe put it best when she sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and this specific style of diamond necklaces is particularly special.Whether you opt for […]

The Underrated Jewelry Trend Fashion Girls have Worn for Years

Don’t get me wrong, I love a statement bracelet as much as the next fashion girl. But lately a different type of arm party has been catching my (and my fellow editors’) attention: delicate bracelets designed to be worn every day. This trend is absolutely nothing new—subtle bracelets and thin bangles have served as the foundation […]

6 Jewelry Trends You Can Wear Every Day

As someone who wears more than 15 pieces of jewelry at a time—every day—it’s important for me to choose items that are as fuss-free as possible. You see, if I’m to maintain this ever-growing accessory situation of mine as I rotate through trends, it’s important for the items I choose to strike a perfect balance […]

7 Necklace Trends Everyone Is Wearing in 2019

After months of bundling up in turtlenecks and scarfs, it’s finally time to let your neck see the sun again, which means it’s time to refresh your necklace collection. We’ve been keeping an eye on Instagram (where jewelry trends are always prevalent) for the must-know styles of 2019, and we narrowed it down to seven […]