10 Royally Banned Beauty Trends Meghan Markle Can Wear Now

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, countless changes have befallen her life. Aside from the whole becoming royalty thing, the sartorial swaps alone were enough to make us do a double take. It’s no surprise that in addition to the lengthening of her hemlines, Markle’s beauty wardrobe has gotten a touch of royal refinement, too. Messy ponytails? Never. Dark nail […]

4 Simple Hairstyles for Every Type of Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day—no matter how you’re planning on spending it—will always carry a unique quality with it. Blame it on the overall sense of “love in the air” or the never-ending supply of decorations and traditions that come with the Hallmark holiday, but we simply can’t see V-day without a pair of stylish rose-tinted glasses. And […]

7 Low-Maintenance Haircuts Celebs Are Prioritizing Right Now

There’s never a bad time to opt for a major hair transformation, but there’s a certain kind of magic surrounding the start of a new decade that pretty much begs a nod toward reinvention—and the versatility of our strands serves as the perfect potential canvas. Whether you’re looking to add some chic curveballs to your styling […]

14 Deep Conditioners and Masks for Healthy, Moisturized Hair

Including picks for every hair type and texture.Photo: ImaxtreeIf you’ve ever ripped a brush through your hair root to end, skimped on heat protectant or sandwiched your hair between two 400 degree hot plates, chances are your strands could use a little extra TLC. Sure, the regular conditioner that accompanies shampoo delivers on a glossy […]

Looking at These 26 Blonde Bobs Made Me Cut My Hair

Being experimental with your hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go all-out with new hues, statement fringing, or lashings of layers. Often, the simplest switches make the most impact, and with a new decade on the fast approach, now is the ideal time to think about shaking up your look. For me, this was […]