How to Wash Clothes by Hand: A Definitive Guide

Fully submerge the article of clothing into the water, then allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes. Make sure that the garment is resting loosely in the tub, without any tightly folded or bunched-up sections of fabric. Next, gently swish the fabric through the water. Avoid scrubbing, scrunching, or any other intense motions since […]

It’s Official: This Is How to Wash a Bra Without Damaging It

There’s a good reason many experts (and care instruction labels) recommend hand washing for bras. When it comes to your most delicate items, the more gentle the laundering technique, the better. For this method, add a small amount of delicate detergent or alcohol-free hand soap to a tub of warm water. Submerge and massage your bras […]

3 Easy Tricks to Untangle Necklaces

If you wear necklaces—and especially if you layer them, as so many of us do—ending up with tangled chains at some point is practically a given. Whether they’re tucked away in your handbag for travel, resting atop your vanity, or simply hanging around your neck, chain necklaces have a way of getting into a tangled mess […]

How to Wash Dark Clothes in 4 Simple Steps

In addition to destroying your white clothes, failing to separate light and dark clothing can cause the latter category to appear worn and dull. For heavily dyed fabrics, don’t just separate light from dark; categorize your loads into general color families (e.g., red, orange, and pink; blue, green, and purple). These categories are fairly flexible, but […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Leather Shoes

Okay, so we’re all guilty of doing this. We’re so excited about our purchase of a beautiful pair of new leather shoes (leather mules were huge this year) that we instantly start wearing them before we get the chance to protect them. While that first step is crucial to making sure your leather shoes last, […]

How to Clean White Canvas Shoes

An essential step in the cleaning process is knowing how to dry them. After draining excess moisture, place the shoes in a dry area away from heat. While you’d typically want to keep shoes out of the sun during the drying stage, direct sunlight can actually brighten white canvas shoes. Stuff them with crumpled newspaper […]

The Secret to Achieving Timeless Style

We’re all for defining your own unique personal style, but at the same time, it’s also great to have an array of clothes that are timeless and versatile—a perfectly honed capsule you can always rely on. Case in point? These fashionable women. Right now, we’re feeling particularly inspired by those who choose simplicity over standing out […]

I Wear These 12 Items More Than 99% of My Wardrobe

Upon observing my outfits every day for a week, or even a month, one could easily come to the conclusion that I have a very minimal wardrobe, and likely a small closet to match. This, however, couldn’t be the farther from the truth. Well—the closet part isn’t so far off, but in regards to wardrobe… as […]