The Impossibly Lightweight Bra Alyssa Is Stocking Up on for Summer

It’s a piece from Alexander Wang’s Airism collaboration with Uniqlo, and I’ve already bought five.Photo: UniqloAs a breast cancer survivor who opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction following my treatment nearly 10 years ago, I can count on one hand how many bras I’ve purchased over the last decade. Being that I barely need […]

The Spring-Ready Perfume Tyler Has Been Waiting for Her Whole Life

Okay, maybe not that long, but still, pretty long!Goest Perfumes ‘Dauphine’ EDT, $140 for 6.0 ML, available here. Photo: Courtesy of GoestDespite some of my best efforts, I am something of a fragrance hoarder. I wish I could be a signature fragrance type of gal, but I don’t know how anyone lives without options! Some […]

This Candle Just Makes Steph Feel Happy

It’s quickly become a go-to home fragrance for my apartment.Vancouver Candle Co. Vis Candle, $45, available here.In some important personal news, I’ve found a new favorite candle. I’m talking about Vancouver Candle Co.’s Vis Candle, which has quickly become a go-to home fragrance for my apartment. According to the brand, its warm, slightly sweet aroma comes from […]

The Fish and Leopard-Print Shirt Alyssa Will Wear to Funk Up the Summer

This ain’t your dad’s Hawaiian shirt.R13 Hawaiian shirt, $395, available here.Of all the dad-adjacent fashion trends that have taken over the street style galleries and runways in recent seasons — ugly, chunky sneakers, wrap-around Oakley sunglasses, Grateful Dead-inspired tie dye, outdoorsy Patagonia fleeces — the one that unexpectedly won me (and my hard-earned dollars) over […]

Lea Wants This Moisturizing Face Mist to Give Her Dewy, Glow-y Skin

It also smells like the best a summer picnic has to offer.Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist, $28, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Glow RecipeAs I was sitting at my desk a couple weeks ago, living what I thought was my best life, a sweet, fruity smell waffled toward me. Was it fruit? Candy? Some […]

Steph Is Really Into Using This Lavender Highlighter as an Eye Shadow

It’s spring-y, versatile — and only $15.& Other Stories Lilac Motion Crème Highlighter, $15, available here.I’ve been drawn to many things in the lavender/lilac color family lately, but I hadn’t really found a way to satisfyingly incorporate the spring-y hue into my admittedly minimalist, no-makeup makeup routine. That is, until I was sent this cream […]

Dara Wants to Wear a Sexy Cardigan This Spring

It’s cooler than your average crop top.Tach Clothing Melinda Top, $142, available here. My favorite breed of influencers are the French “It” Girls. They wear red lipstick and prints like a pro and manage to make even the simplest of things look like rare vintage gems. These days, their feed is filled with pieces from their own […]