Yet Another Household Item Whitney Wants in Earring Form

This time it’s a neon-green “clothespin” earring by Ambush.Ambush Green Nobo Clip Earring, $215, available here.I have a love for novelty earrings shaped like bread tags or safety pins or padlocks (or really any sundry household item) so well-documented on this website that it hardly bears repeating. I, like many people, have a hard time […]

Maria’s Motorcycle Club Merch Is Her Favorite Long-Sleeve Shirt Right Now

It’s from a new Brooklyn-based label.Meridian Child Motorcycle Club Divine Long Sleeve, $85, available here.The great thing about merch is that it serves a slew of purposes. There’s the immediate display of fandom, cultural significance and, sometimes, the opportunity for a fashionable rebrand. Other times — or more specifically, in my personal experience — you want a […]

Help, Steph Really Wants This Anklet Now

Have you ever seen a more elegant ankle bracelet???Adornmonde Ferd Gold Freshwater Pearl Anklet, $94, available here.Like tie-dye and Birkenstocks, ankle bracelets occupy a special, nostalgic place for me, because I (like everyone else) wore them a lot circa the summer of 1999. They’ve come and gone in their trendiness over the intervening years, but they’re […]

These Bright Red Birkenstocks Will Add a Joyful Note to Dara’s Summer Wardrobe

Chunky slides are back, and they’re better than ever.Birkenstock x Il Dolce Far Niente Arizona Fullex Satin Sandals, $460, available here. I have a few pairs of Birkenstocks in my closet. Even though one pair looks like it’s been through a natural disaster and the other hasn’t been touched since 2014, I can’t seem to get […]

This Tomato Dangle Earring Is a Delicious New Addition to Alyssa’s Summer Wardrobe

It will add some zest to my repertoire of white T-shirts and denim shorts.Photo: Just a couple of days ago, I published an essay explaining my personal shopping paradox: The insane amount of stuff to choose from on the market stresses me out, the clutter caused by acquiring stuff stresses me out and the pressure […]

Maria’s Summer Shopping Haul Includes This Linen Shirt

I realized most of my clothes weren’t suitable for hot weather.Everlane Women’s Linen Notch Short-Sleeve Shirt, $58, available here.While doing some early outfit planning for an upcoming vacation, I realized most of my clothes weren’t suitable for hot weather. Sure, I have plenty of T-shirts, denim cut-offs and a pair of biker shorts, but it turns […]

The Feathered Hair Comb Tyler Bought for Adding Whimsy to Her Summer

Who doesn’t love a touch of the whimsical?Loeffler Randall Josie Feather-Embellished Hair Comb, $65, available here.As a noted hair accessory enthusiast, I am always thrilled to find that someone has put a fun new twist on a classic piece. The latest installment in this series is a delicately feathered hair comb from Loeffler Randall, which […]

Steph’s Go-To Pedicure Nail Polish Right Now

The prettiest blue.Jin Soon nail polish in Aero, $18, available here.  Photo: Courtesy of Jin SoonLike cilantro, Taylor Swift and leg washing, blue nails can be pretty polarizing. Never forget that one episode of “Friends” when Monica wears blue press-ons to keep from biting her nails and inviting critique from her mother Judy, only to have […]