Dhani Wants to Dial Up Her Jewelry Aesthetic With These Gold Hoops

I’m trying to start wearing jewelry people can actually see.Mejuri Croissant Dôme Earrings, $65, available here.I’m a pretty extreme minimalist when it comes to jewelry. For years, I didn’t wear any at all, and only really started wearing earrings in my late 20s. Perhaps because I got used to seeing my ears naked, anything bigger […]

Maria Wants to Spice Up Her Piercings With This Earring Trio

This set has everything: pearls, beads, a glass chili and my favorite swear word.Éliou Trio Earring Pack “Fuck, It’s Hot,” $135, available here.Since I started working for this website, I’ve added three holes to my head, mostly because my co-workers have carefully curated their ears with very stylish jewelry, but mainly because almost every other […]

15 Jewelry Brands for Minimalists

If you’re a sucker for dainty, barely-there jewellery, we’ll go ahead and say you love a sleek and polished look. To embellish your super-simple style just a smidge, we gathered our favourite minimal-inspired jewellery brands for you to explore.?Scroll through to check out the items your friends are sure to covet. This post was originally […]

The Prettiest Fall Earring Trends That Have a Wow Factor

The F/W 19 runways were drenched with a range of fresh jewelry trends—but it’s the fanciful earring moments we’re focusing on today. Because honestly, it’s really shaping up to be the season of earrings, as bold and sparkly picks take the front seat over the dainty silhouettes that reigned supreme in the past. Yep, this is […]

17 Chunky Gold Jewels That Prove Not All ’80s Trends Were Bad

From chain bracelets to signet rings.A look from the Versace Fall 2019 collection. Photo: Imaxtree To put it simply, there was a lot going on in the ’80s when it came to style. From the hairspray and mullets to the lace gloves and parachute pants, more was decidedly more, for better or worse. And while some […]

27 Jazzed-Up Pieces of Pearl Jewelry That You’d Never See at a Luncheon

From DIY-inspired anklets to architectural earrings.Photo: Imaxtree Pearls — much like their conservative-leaning knit sister, the cardigan — have enjoyed a lot of attention from the fashion world this year. But the glistening, circular objects making the rounds on Instagram are far more exciting than the ones you’d likely see at a charity luncheon or outside […]

Here’s How to Wear an Ear Cuff Like a Fashion Girl

When it comes to jewelry, I’m all about layering. Whether I’m layering multiple gold necklaces around my neck or stacking beaded bracelets on my wrists, my motto has always been the more the merrier—I just never expected to get into layering earrings. Recently, I’ve found myself fascinated with fashion-girl ear games as I peruse street […]

Help, Steph Needs More Piercings so She Can Wear These Hoop Earrings

They’d make a perfect addition to my jewelry lineup.Stone & Strand Bold Gold Huggie Earrings, $150, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Stone & StrandListen, I probably don’t “need” another piercing, per se. My ears, as my grandpa would be quick to point out, have plenty of holes in them already. But ever since spotting these […]

11 Wooden Earrings That Will Bring an Earthy Touch to Your Summer Wardrobe

Perfect for days spent outdoors.Photo: Courtesy of Sophie MonetThere’s something about summer that makes us want to dress to better blend in with the outdoors. Perhaps it’s the fact that the warm weather entices us to spend all our time outside, and we’re reminded that being outside is really rather beautiful — something that can […]

Yet Another Household Item Whitney Wants in Earring Form

This time it’s a neon-green “clothespin” earring by Ambush.Ambush Green Nobo Clip Earring, $215, available here.I have a love for novelty earrings shaped like bread tags or safety pins or padlocks (or really any sundry household item) so well-documented on this website that it hardly bears repeating. I, like many people, have a hard time […]