The Worst Jeans to Wear With Sneakers

Alright, let’s get one thing straight: Although there isn’t technically a right or wrong way to wear jeans with sneakers (you do you), there are certain styles tend to look better together. We’re not here to tell you what you can and can’t wear; we’re just here to offer up a bit of guidance if […]

How Chic Women Wear Skinny Jeans in 9 Different Cities

There are certain items many of us call wardrobe essentials. In the denim realm, skinny jeans—despite their sometimes polarizing nature—take the cake thanks to their classic and enduring quality. We all may have a few go-to uniforms we turn to with our trusty skinnies, but some fresh ideas never hurt anyone, right? Instead of looking for […]

The Street Style Crowd Wore Blue Denim on Day 7 of Paris Fashion Week

Some showgoers even opted for the Canadian tuxedo look.On the street at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020. Photo: Imaxtree (3); Chiara Marina Grioni/Fashionista (2)We’ve finally hit the home stretch of Paris Fashion Week with only one more day of Spring 2020 collections set to debut. And so far, it’s been quite the ride with a […]

21 Oversize Denim Jackets to Throw on With Jeans

All hail the Canadian tuxedo.Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesA Canadian tuxedo refers to any outfit consisting of a jean jacket worn with jeans. As of late, we’ve seen more of this denim-on-denim trend. Jennifer Lopez wore her own version — if you consider a denim bustier and matching jeans to be a tuxedo — to a “Hustlers” viewing […]