Sorry, But This Beloved Denim Trend Is Expiring

New denim trends that pass the longevity test just don’t come along that often. Skinny jeans have been huge for a long time (we’re still hanging on to ours, over a decade later) and high-waisted straight legs are always chic with a white T-shirt. Then there are the cropped flare jeans that became popular a couple […]

Found: The 25 Best Tummy-Control Jeans to Buy Now

There are several things to look out for when purchasing a new pair of jeans. Are they comfortable? That’s very important. Do they have a versatile wash? Another deal-breaker. And how about the price tag? Though jeans can get very expensive—and fast—sometimes, they’re worth the splurge, especially when you know you’ll be wearing them nonstop. […]

21 Pairs of Comfortable Jeans to Ease You Back Into Wearing Denim

Does anyone else feel personally victimized by rigid jeans? After consistently reaching for loungewear bottoms like joggers, bike shorts, and leggings in lieu jeans for more weeks than I care to admit, the thought of ever putting on a pair of jeans (let alone unforgiving rigid denim) sends shivers down my spine. Will I be able to go a full […]

10 Denim Brands We’ll Never Purge From Our Closets

Denim trends may come and go (and when they do we make sure to cover it), but no matter how many seasons go by and how many new styles may emerge, there are a handful of jean brands on the classic end of the spectrum that we just won’t quit. You know as well as we do that jeans […]

Women Over 40 Wear These 6 Trendy Items With Simple Denim

We recently highlighted the pieces celebs over 40 years old tend to wear with jeans. Sure, the year you were born has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, but noting the outfit pairings women over 40 gravitate towards is often intriguing given their experience building chic wardrobes over the years. So on […]