How Each of the Most Popular Levi’s Jeans Fit IRL

Last year while I was in NYC for work, and while catching up with some of my colleagues, the topic of Levi’s jean fits came up. They asked me for any wisdom about which styles were best and what they should look for. The next day, an invitation to come to Coachella with Levi’s landed in […]

The Casual Denim Trend Fashion Girls Are Living in This Summer

Casual style has never been more relevant or necessary. While you might not be turning to formalwear or going-out attire during this particular time, you might be starting to itch for something other than sweatpants, and that’s exactly why we want to talk to you about this denim trend. Remember distressed jeans? Maybe they were never “out,” […]

24 Pairs of Jeans That Won’t Make You Sweat This Summer

For many of us (including this editor), the thought of completely giving up jeans during the summer months is unthinkable. Given that they’re such a wardrobe staple for most, replacements don’t come easy. But fret not—we made it our mission to seek out the most lightweight, warm weather–friendly (and stylish, of course) denim to wear all […]

5 Summer Basics That Will Make Skinny Jeans Look Quite Chic

While you might be living in shorts and flowy dresses during these summer months, a chic denim outfit could also be of interest to wear now or reference at a later date. And if you’re into skinny jeans, there are a few specific basics that will honestly make those tried-and-true skinnies feel quite elevated and chic. Although in […]

5 Basic Items Women Over 40 Wear With Cropped Jeans

Age is literally just a number, and in no way should the year you were born influence any of your style choices. But we do turn to women over 40, in particular, for some of those expert outfit ideas given their top-notch experience with sartorial trial and error over the years. In fact, we recently […]

11 Cult-Favorite Levi’s That Are More Than 50% Off

Jeans. Remember those? If you need a refresher, they don’t have an elastic waist and instead of soft they’re kind of hard (well, some are soft), and they go with everything. Even though it’s summer and I stay home a lot more than usual these days (especially this time of year), I miss them. This is why I […]