Trust Us: You’ll Never Want to Take These Jeans Off

Jeans are a lot like bras: When you come home after a long day, you take off both immediately in favor of something more comfortable. Unfortunately for us fashion girls, rigid jeans are taking the sartorial world by storm, and they show no signs of stopping soon. The ultimate fashion uniform of jeans and a […]

Priyanka Chopra Wore the 2020 Denim Trend Celebs are Ditching Their Skinnies For

Okay okay, I’m by no means claiming that skinny jeans are “dead”—the classic style has outlived dozens of fleeting denim trends and will probably continue to do so in the future. But now more than ever, celebrities are backing a different jean trend that’s the antithesis of skinnies and we just spotted Priyanka Chopra in a pair. The trend I’m talking about is flare jeans and the […]

These Are the 7 Best Stretch Jean Brands

Most people will agree that the winter fashion uniform is a turtleneck tucked into a pair of easygoing jeans, styled with sleek ankle boots. As soon as we get home, however, we strip off our rigid jeans for something more comfortable like sweatpants. It’s inevitable: Lounging on the couch watching Netflix is simply less comfortable when wearing rigid […]

The 6 Shoes You Should Own If You Live in Basic Jeans

There’s a strong chance that you live in jeans in your off-duty or 9-to-5 life (if you work in a casual office setting, of course). And given your affinity for those tried-and-true blues, there’s also a strong chance that you have a smattering of go-to items you wear with your favorite denim. When it comes to […]

9 Chic Items You Have to Own If You Always Wear Black Jeans

As I’ve highlighted before, I basically live in black jeans. No, seriously—I legit don’t own a pair of classic blue denim. While I have a few go-to uniforms I pair with my trusty jeans, I’m also consistently on the hunt for cool items to wear with them. You too? Well, you’re in luck. After scrolling […]

Skinnies Aren’t Dead—Let These Chic 2020 Outfits Explain Why

While I’d personally consider skinny jeans to be a classic wardrobe staple at this point, the denim style continues to skew on the polarizing side with many opting for more forward cuts like straight-leg blues or flares. And yes, while it’s true that fashion people gravitate towards those non-skinnies, skinny jeans still continue to crop up in various rotations.That’s right, […]

The Most Stylish Skinny-Jean Outfits of the Past Decade

There’s been lots of evolution over the past decade when it comes to denim trends. But one style that’s remained constant (especially among celebrities) is skinny jeans. The waists may have gotten higher and the washes may have gotten darker, but the most popular style of the decade was pretty consistent. Skinny jeans were fully […]