The Hair Slides That Are Helping Tyler Grow out Her Bangs Gracefully

Thank goodness for hair accessories.Lelet NY Convex Multi Crystal Pin Set, $148, available here.I have had bangs, in some form or another, pretty much since college. I don’t even remember a time I didn’t have them. I attempted to grow them out a few years ago, but right when they passed the most awkward part, […]

Crystal Facials Are the Next Buzzy Instagram Skin-Care and Wellness Trend

But will putting crystals all over your face actually do anything for your complexion?A crystal facial grid treatment in action. Photo: Courtesy of EnergyMuseAt-home facials are a long-standing weekly tradition for many people, who, every Sunday night, set aside time to treat their skin to clarifying, hydrating and energizing skin-care products in preparation for the […]