Marilyn Monroe’s Honeymoon Outfit Is Very 2019

We may never find out where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went on their top-secret honeymoon, but luckily not all celebrity couples have been so hush-hush after their weddings. We already delved through everything Princess Diana wore on her honeymoon, and now it’s time to revisit what another icon wore: Marilyn Monroe.Monroe was married three […]

6 “Ugly” Trends That Matter Right Now, According to Celebs

The fashion crowd is all about giving the side-eye to antiquated style rules. It’s really about dressing for what you love and what makes you comfortable, rather than constantly thinking about what’s “flattering.” As a result, “ugly” trends have blossomed. We recently highlighted the uncool-but-actually-cool looks French girls can’t seem to get enough of, and we […]

3 Beloved Latina Beauty Icons Who Aren’t Selena or Frida

It’s Latinx Heritage Month (technically Hispanic Heritage Month, but IMO, we’re due for a rebrand), and while Selena Quintanilla and Frida Kahlo are two of the biggest names that come to mind when talking about the beautiful, iconic Latina women who have helped propel the culture into the mainstream, there are so many more out there who also made […]

9 Under-$200 Pieces Celebs Are Prioritizing Right Now

There are certain things celebrities wear that we pay attention to, like glamorous red carpet gowns, drool-worthy handbags, and dreamy designer shoes. But what really piques our interest is when a celebrity who has access to everything chooses to wear an affordable piece. Think about it—when someone with zero budgetary restrictions chooses to wear a […]

The 5 Nicole Kidman Basics Everyone Should Own in 2020

Classic and sophisticated are two words that come to mind when describing Nicole Kidman’s style. With some red carpet exceptions, Kidman tends to steer clear of trends and instead favors sleek, timeless pieces like blazers, little black dresses, camel coats, loafers, and more. That’s why you can look back at photos of her from five, […]

Every Single Outfit Jennifer Lopez Wore on Her Epic French Vacation

While we spent Labor Day weekend lamenting the end of summer, Jennifer Lopez was busy vacationing in the south of France with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. ICYMI, the Hustlers star spent the first week of September traveling along the country’s sun-soaked Mediterranean coast, giving us—and likely all of her 100 million Instagram followers—serious vacation envy.Starting in Saint-Tropez, Lopez […]