3 Steps to Identify Your Face Shape (It’s Actually So Easy)

Obviously, our faces are not going to be exact replicas of geometric shapes we learned about in school. So it’s best to be less rigid with our expectations of conforming to an exact shape and leave room for other contributing factors. “The overall face shape takes into account the relative prominence of features and changes with age and weight,” […]

30 Zoë Kravitz Outfits That Are Worth Looking Back At

Thanks to Big Little Lies, Zoë Kravitz has been on our fashion radar for some time. While she’s always been in our minds when thinking about cool, edgy style, due to the show’s mass appeal, we’re constantly obsessing over her latest looks. The increase in her public appearances made us realise it was time her style […]

Welcome to the Summer of Maude Apatow

After Hollywood, you have The King of Staten Island, which is written and directed by your father. This isn’t the first time you’ve worked with him. How would you say the director-actor dynamic is different now that you are older?So obviously, it’s really different because the last time I worked with my dad, I was […]