10 Products that Chrissy Teigen Uses to Get That Glow

If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with at the moment, it’s finding out celebrities’ skincare routines. Just how exactly do they get that glowy no-makeup makeup look and effortlessly dewy skin, whilst the weather insists on keeping mine as dry as sandpaper? Okay, yes, a lot of it may be down to good genes, but […]

Kat Dennings Loves Amazon Leggings Just Like the Rest of Us

Post-breakup, her character, Jules, struggles with finding her way back to her friend group, which she neglected during her relationship with her ex. Losing touch with friends is a universal result of aging and occasionally an unfortunate side effect of being in a relationship—people get married, move away, have kids, become vegan; it’s something Dennings […]

These 11 Products Will Give You the Best Hair Day Ever, According to Celebs

Now that we’ve entered the coldest months of the year, it’s time to re-evaluate our haircare regimens. Frigid temperatures usually result in dry locks, frizz, and other not-so-glamorous issues. However, that’s not to say these predicaments can’t be solved lickety-split with a few standout products and smart tips from experts. While we love getting the scoop […]

This Is What Cool Girls Were Wearing to Parties 35 Years Ago

There’s no denying the power that the ‘80s are having over fashion right now. Larger-than-life costume jewellery is lining the shelves at every retailer, people are constantly reposting old photos of Princess Diana, and jewel tones are everywhere we look these days. Even Google just announced that ’80s fashion was the top fashion search term […]

Marilyn Monroe’s Honeymoon Outfit Is Very 2019

We may never find out where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went on their top-secret honeymoon, but luckily not all celebrity couples have been so hush-hush after their weddings. We already delved through everything Princess Diana wore on her honeymoon, and now it’s time to revisit what another icon wore: Marilyn Monroe.Monroe was married three […]