Eiza González Is Down to Play the Hot Girl—But She’s Ready for Something Bigger

By Gonzalez’s measure, Hollywood’s current attempts at solving its inclusivity problem have actively limited her—cornered her into playing only Mexican characters. But then (cruel irony), because scripts with complex Latina figures are in short supply, she winds up playing the stereotype: the token “sexy” female, who may get to hold a gun like her male […]

Allison Williams Thinks It’s “Really Fun” Playing the Women You Hate

Williams never aspired to play evil, and as she sits before me in a humble gray Uniqlo sweater, skinny jeans, and flats (her self-proclaimed uniform), all accessorized by a genuine and charismatic smile, it’s easy to forget that her infamous on-screen presences have earned her media headlines like “scary,” “the most terrifying villain,” and, quite simply, “the worst.”“I […]

Welcome to Shailene Woodley’s Saturn Return

It was challenging for Woodley to experiment with her ideologies and aesthetic (in the way that all 20-somethings do) knowing that a snarky headline might result. In her public appearances throughout the mid-2010s, she was always bubbly and smiling, but Woodley wasn’t immune to the criticism—from the press, certainly, but mostly from within. “I’m an […]

“Stay Fun, Stay Loose”: Maggie Rogers on New Fame and Finding Her Style Identity

“Just yesterday somebody told me that I was intimidating,” Maggie Rogers tells me, ambivalent chuckles bookending her statement. Rogers and I are on a transcontinental phone call discussing her new record Heard It in a Past Life, which dropped in January this year, as well as the ever-swelling attention and tumult (and criticism) accompanying it. A […]