Ask a Sustainability Expert: How Do I Find the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging?

If you’re a small brand (or curious consumer) trying to decide which kind of packaging is best for the planet, this will help.Photo: Julia Ewan/Getty ImagesEven for fashion and beauty lovers who think sustainability is important, wading through all the sometimes-conflicting information about it can be tricky. To combat the confusion, we’re asking scientists, researchers […]

The Enduring Power — and Importance — of Trunk Shows

At a time when discovering and shopping a buzzy brand requires little more than a wifi connection and an Instagram account, for many designers one of the most tried-and-true methods of connecting with their customers — repeat and potential — remains: the trunk show.Trunk shows haven’t really gotten the same level of media attention during […]

New Certification Helps Brands Communicate Their Commitment to the Environment

Like the ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘organic’ labels, ‘Climate Neutral’ certification is intended to make shopping with ethics in mind easier for customers.Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty ImagesClothing brands around the world have started paying attention to the climate crisis conversation, and soon, thanks to a small nonprofit, they’ll have a new way to showcase their commitment on […]

Could Von Dutch, With All Its Trucker-Hat Glory, Be Ready for a Comeback?

No 2000s style revival would truly be complete without a major comeback from Von Dutch, the brand that managed to make trucker hats a coveted fashion item. With its instantly recognizable logo, bowler bags, baby tees and those aforementioned snapbacks, the label dominated the wardrobes of mid-aughts A-listers like Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman, Ashton Kutcher, Gwen […]

What ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Efforts Actually Look Like Behind the Scenes at Fashion Brands

This is what happens “post-discussion.”H&M’s Ezinne Kwubiri speaking at a ‘How I Get It Done’ event in October 2019.Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York MagazineFor the past several years, “diversity” and “inclusion” have been popular buzzwords in the fashion community. Brands, publications and even executives have used them in several contexts — to put […]

Could Intergalactic Mining for Fashion’s Raw Materials Be Good for Our Planet?

At least one scientist sincerely believes that making clothes out of molten rocks mined in space is the future of fashion. From a sustainability perspective, that’s complicated.Tanu Vasu with her designs.Photo: Courtesy of Tanu VasuHave you ever looked out at the night sky and wondered if the materials for your next dress were floating through […]

Why the Fashion Industry Should Be Paying Attention to Detroit

Mention Detroit to anyone, and the first thing on their mind probably won’t be fashion — instead, they’ll likely think of automobile factories and assembly lines, Motown legends or even abandoned buildings, a city on the brink of ruin. Whichever version of Detroit comes to mind, it’s likely at least partly accurate: The city’s varied […]

Can Fashion Shows Ever Be Environmentally Justifiable?

When Karl Lagerfeld staged a runway presentation around a Chanel-branded rocket ship — complete with moving liftoff effect — in the spring of 2017, it inspired a flurry of awe-filled Instagram posts and reviews from attendees. Almost none of the coverage touched on the environmental footprint of constructing a building-sized prop for the sake of a […]

Fashion and Furniture Companies Are Getting Cozier and Cozier

Jennifer Fisher just unveiled a 108-piece collection for CB2 — the latest example of a fashion designer dipping their toes into home.Jennifer Fisher with her CB2 line.Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer FisherStylist-turned-entrepreneur Jennifer Fisher is best known for her elegant fine jewelry staples, from charm necklaces to thick hoops that have been worn by just about every celebrity […]

Naadam, Best Known for Its Affordable Cashmere, Is Building a Mini DTC Empire

What Matt Scanlan really wants is to make things people want to buy. This is perhaps not a novel concept in retail, but it’s one that fashion brands too often lose track of, producing $800 dresses that don’t sell until the third markdown or skirts that only fit shoppers with runway-model proportions. Scanlan has taken the […]