How Brands Can Navigate — and Benefit From — the Billion-Dollar Rental Market

Over the past few years, Marie Kondo has inspired people across the globe to only keep things that “spark joy.” Going into the new decade, we see this phenomenon reflected in a general shift towards more conscious consumption — which can feel at odds with rapid trend cycles and the desire for constant newness that’s […]

Online Retailers Are Making ‘Sustainable’ Fashion More Searchable

If you were looking for an environmentally friendly version of a certain piece of apparel a few years ago, finding it would not have been easy. You’d type your query into Google and perhaps come across a few listicles from small “sustainability“-focused blogs, or if you were especially savvy, you might go directly to the […]

Opening Ceremony Is Closing All Stores

It’s another sad day for fashion retail.Photo: Getty Images/Edward BerthelotAnother influential New York fashion retail institution is approaching its final days. On Tuesday, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon announced in a letter to customers that all physical locations of Opening Ceremony — the brand and retailer they founded in 2002 — would be closing sometime in 2020. This […]

Has the Proliferation of Watchdog Accounts Bred a ‘Good Samaritan’ Culture in Fashion?

It’s falling on individuals to take the oft-problematic industry to task.Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images“Seinfeld”‘s final episodes are centered around a fictitious “Good Samaritan law” that obliges private citizens to intervene if they witness a crime. The online fashion community, it seems, is increasingly governed by that same law, with individuals taking up the mantle of […]

What All of 2019’s Bad Retail News Means for 2020

Chances are, the store closures and bankruptcies will continue, especially if there’s a recession.Barneys New YorkPhoto: Ben Hider/Getty ImagesI think most of us are done with the term “retail apocalypse” — right? — but there’s no denying that 2019 brought about something of a reckoning for many fashion and retail businesses. As you’ve probably noticed […]

Is It Even Possible to Be a Sustainable Influencer?

Ellie Hughes isn’t a fan of the term “influencer,” even though she knows she’s one by most measures. On Instagram, Hughes has 10,400 followers, a number that places her squarely in the realm of “micro-influencer” — one step above “nano-influencer,” which influencer intelligence platform Klear defines as having between 500 and 5,000 followers, but roughly […]

As More Brands Join the Eco-Friendly Bandwagon, Noah Claims It’s ‘Not a Sustainable Company’

We talked with founder Brendon Babenzien about why he thinks sustainability is impossible to achieve — and what he’s focusing on instead.Photo: Courtesy of NoahIn 2019, a whole slew of brands that had never demonstrated much prior interest in sustainability suddenly launched campaigns aimed at convincing customers that they were the most eco-friendly choice out […]

These Buzzy, Non-CBD, Non-THC Cannabinoids Are Poised to Take Over Beauty and Wellness in 2020

A look at five other cannabis-derived compounds worth knowing.Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesIf you’re sick of reading about CBD, we hear you: The cannabis-derived compound has hit peak saturation, showing up in everything from foot cream to gummies to lube. It’s gotten itself a (somewhat legit) rep as a cure for what ails you, be it […]

Can Luxury Brands Adapt to a Direct-to-Consumer World?

Even though there’s nothing luxurious about ‘adding to cart.’Photo: ImaxtreeThree years ago, when Coral Chung and Wendy Wen were gearing up to launch Senreve — a handbag line catered to working professionals — they were urged by advisors, by industry veterans who were experts in the traditional fashion and luxury space to partner with Barneys […]