Miranda Kerr Invites Us Into Her Home to Talk Skin Care and (Not) Modeling

“I’m 36, I’ve got a third baby on the way and I don’t want to waste my time with any BS.”It appears that Kim Kardashian started a trend when she launched her cosmetics brand with an event at her own home. Fellow preternatural beauty-turned-beauty entrepreneur Miranda Kerr similarly chose her own Malibu home as the […]

13 Expert-Approved Ways to Work Glycolic Acid Into Your Skin-Care Routine

We rounded up the best glow-enhancing moisturizers, toners, peels, masks and more.Photo: ImaxtreeAs far as skin goals go, most of us want to glow. And there is almost no surer route to radiant, perfectly glow-y skin than adding a chemical exfoliant to your skin-care routine. Enter: glycolic acid, one of the most popular, effective and dermatologist-approved […]

How To Safely Remove Acrylic Nails, Damage-Free

It’s time…to remove your acrylic nails. Sure, you’ve had a few good weeks of length and chicness, but there comes the fateful day when removing your set is a must. Dylan Pritchard, aka The Nail Whisperer, shared a few tips and tricks for removing your acrylic nails safely and effectively. She answered our most pressing […]

36 Makeup Essentials That Have Changed Our Lives

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation sephora.com $44.00 “I never was a foundation girl. I always deemed a base—especially full-coverage—too much of a mask atop my skin and my nine step care routine. I never knew how incomplete I looked, though, with a full face of makeup (brows, eyes, cheeks, highlight) on bare skin. But when I discovered […]

How to Get Scouted as a Makeup Artist, Hairstylist or Wardrobe Stylist

We turned to top industry experts for some firsthand advice.Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty ImagesWhen you’re an actor, a musician, a model — talent, as it’s often referred to in the industry — you are the product: the thing being sold. But for behind-the-scenes artists like wardrobe stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists, it’s less about them and more […]

7 Face Masks That Will Get Rid of Blackheads

Courtesy It’s time to invest in a new mask. If your pores are feeling clogged, a blackhead removal mask can work to dislodge the buildup and reveal a clear radiant complexion. “If you are prone to blackheads, exfoliating can prevent dead skin cells and oil from becoming trapped in your pores and more blackheads from […]

Lululemon Enters the Beauty Space With Gender-Neutral ‘Self-Care’ Products

On Tuesday, the athleticwear retailer will begin selling moisturizer, dry shampoo, deodorant and lip balm alongside its mega-popular leggings.Photo: Courtesy of LululemonAs the lines between athleisure, wellness, skin care and self care become hazier and more fashion brands look to cash in on the amazingly lucrative beauty market, the inevitable has happened: Lululemon, the successful […]

13 Charcoal Masks That Will Satisfyingly De-Gunk Your Face

Supermud Activated Charcoal Treatment Mask Glam Glow sephora.com $25.00 A cult-favorite among the beauty community, this mask contains six exfoliating acids that work to fight skin concerns like large pores, dullness, uneven skin texture, and oiliness. Paint it on and wait 10 to 15 minutes in eucalyptus-scented bliss.  This post was originally published on this page

11 White Eyeliners That Will Make You Look Wide Awake, Even If You’re Not

We rounded up makeup artists’ favorite brightening product picks.Photo: ImaxtreeWhite eyeliner can be downright magical, but it may very well be the middle child of the eye makeup family — it could use more attention. Its relevance seems to come and go with the season, being reserved for spring and summer, but it’s actually quite […]