Unilever Is Changing the Name of Its “Fair & Lovely” Skin-Lightening Line

Following widespread petitions calling for change, Unilever has announced it will be officially changing the name of its “Fair & Lovely” skin-lightening line, sold in India.According to Dazed, Unilever announced the decision early today, June 25, following widespread complaints. Over the last few weeks, many users have taken to the Internet to point out that the […]

Amandla Stenberg Shaved Off Their Eyebrows Because of TikTok

Like many of us, Amandla Stenberg isn’t immune to a TikTok trend — only this time, the popular app has led the actor to shave off their eyebrows.Before you panic, though, Amandla is loving the new look, even if it does sound shocking at first. Amandla recently shared a getting ready guide with Vogue. In the video, the actor demonstrates their box braids […]

Pull Up For Change Founder Sharon Chuter’s Mission to Build an Anti-Racist Beauty Industry Is Just Getting Started

“I’m going to tell my whole damn industry to pull up.”Pull Up For Change founder Sharon Chuter.Photo: Courtesy of Sharon ChuterFor the past few years, the beauty industry has been abuzz with talk of ‘transparency’ when it comes to ingredients and supply chains and ‘inclusivity’ when it comes to shade ranges. But what if brands […]

How One Woman Made Her Morning Routine More Eco-Conscious

Small, eco-friendly changes to our daily routines can add up to a huge impact on our planet if enough people do it. Tweaking your daily rituals by making mindful choices about which products to use is an easy place to begin, and starting with these small steps can give you the needed motivation to adopt […]

Is Castor Oil The Secret to Hair Growth?

If you’ve ever struggled with restoring your edges, excessive shedding, or thinness, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the alleged miracle hair growth properties of castor oil. A quick search on YouTube yields dozens of positive testimonials that show brows restored to Cara Delevingne status and edges even Alicia Keys would envy. But is […]

Jeffree Star Apologized for “Lipstick Nazi” Picture

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star has come under fire once again after an old photo of himself — with the words “Lipstick Nazi,” a counterclockwise swastika, and razors clearly visible on it — resurfaced.The image, of what appears to be a website landing page, started circulating on Twitter earlier this week. A user tagged Jeffree and wrote “What the hell […]

Mushrooms Are Becoming a Wonderfully Weird Micro-Trend in Fashion and Wellness

It’s been 60 years since the world first watched a band of button mushrooms grand-jeté across projection screens in “Fantasia.” There is a lot to unpack about the film more generally, and its “mushroom dance” scene alone remains in the canon of successful character animation. The seven fungi have no dialogue and possess no limbs […]