24 Trendy Hair Barrettes to Decorate Your Head With

From velvet bows and neon colors to pearl-studded styles and that coveted Gucci crystal-and-tortoiseshell clip.Photo: ImaxtreeWe’ve been talking about the hair accessories trend for a while, but we can’t emphasize this enough: They’re everywhere these days — from the red carpets and runways to the street style crowds at every international fashion month. Scrunchies, headbands, scarves, bows, hair pins, banana clips […]

The Hair Slides That Are Helping Tyler Grow out Her Bangs Gracefully

Thank goodness for hair accessories.Lelet NY Convex Multi Crystal Pin Set, $148, available here.I have had bangs, in some form or another, pretty much since college. I don’t even remember a time I didn’t have them. I attempted to grow them out a few years ago, but right when they passed the most awkward part, […]

Steph Basically Had to Buy These Hair Clips After Looking at Fall Street Style Photos

Fashion Month made me do it.Machete Wavy Hair Clip Set, $18, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Lou & GreyAs I combed the many, many street style photos from outside the Fall 2019 shows a few weeks ago to find memorable beauty looks to showcase in our street style galleries, one thing became abundantly clear: I […]

Steph Gets so Many Compliments Every Time She Wears This $14 Barrette

Bonus: It’s sold in a set with a really great beach wave spray.Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray + Metallic Bar Clip, $14, available here. Photo: Courtesy of Kristin EssIn case you somehow missed the many, many, many times we’ve written about them recently, hair accessories are majorly trending right now. It’s not so […]

An Exorbitantly Expensive Barrette That Would Make Maura’s Hair Look Exorbitantly Pretty

In my humble opinion.Saskia Diez Paillettes Silver-Plated Hair Slide, $120, available here.Maybe it’s because I just spent nearly two weeks in Paris with (and also subsequently became embarrassingly codependent on) known hair-accessory-haver Tyler, but I can’t stop thinking about pretty little hair barrettes. What’s that about, huh? I’m actually, and not rhetorically, asking because while I […]

How to Wear a Barrette Like an Adult

Today’s episode of “Everything From Your Childhood Is Cool Again.”Photo: Courtesy of LoéilWe’ve long known that trends are nothing if not cyclical, and while we’ve embraced recent nostalgic revivals like lip gloss, blue eye shadow and brown lipstick with open arms, hair trends are often slower to catch on. And it’s no wonder: There’s something […]