The Best Places to Buy Long-Inseam Jeans According to an Actual Tall Person

Because your ankles deserve to be covered for once.We’ve all done the ankle-boot-to-make-up-for-jean-length thing. No more! Photo: ImaxtreeI am 6′ tall. Not in a “men lying on Tinder when they’re actually 5’8” way but in a “my wingspan is 72 whole-ass-inches” way. In recent seasons, I’ve relished in the fact that cropped, flood-length pants have […]

21 Colorful Puffer Coats That Are Far From Boring

Winter is near, folks!Photo: Imaxtree  Every winter, the entire population of New York City packs away their colorful summer clothes and dons one singular item: a winter coat. And when it comes to banning the chill, fewer pieces keep you warmer than an oversized puffer coat. While not necessarily the most glamorous piece in your […]

Has Fashion’s Tokenism Overlooked the ‘Inbetweeners’?

For Charli Howard, Kate Upton and other models whose bodies don’t fit the mold, working at their size meant dougie or die.Charli Howard at Refinery 29’s Every Beautiful Body Symposium. Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images In 2010, rap newcomers Cali Swag District premiered their debut single to commercial fanfare, referencing one very well-known Texan dance move: the dougie. […]

These 7 Halloween Costumes Require a Single Trip to ASOS

I love Halloween, but I’m notorious for trying to throw together a costume at 8 p.m. on October 31 just a few minutes before heading out the door to a spooky soirée with my best friends. This year, however, I vowed to do it differently. I’m planning ahead, and my goal (as it usually is) is to […]

21 Babydoll Dress That You Can Wear to Work or a Party

Versatility never looked so good.Guests at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images The babydoll dress dates all the way back to the ’40s, when American lingerie designer Sylvia Pedler invented the mini frock as a means of working with the fabric shortage during World War II. But the garment didn’t gain popularity until the ’60s, when […]

21 Oversize Denim Jackets to Throw on With Jeans

All hail the Canadian tuxedo.Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty ImagesA Canadian tuxedo refers to any outfit consisting of a jean jacket worn with jeans. As of late, we’ve seen more of this denim-on-denim trend. Jennifer Lopez wore her own version — if you consider a denim bustier and matching jeans to be a tuxedo — to a “Hustlers” viewing […]

23 Aviator Sunglasses That Hide Half of Your Face From the Sun

Incognito mode: activated.Photo: ImaxtreeThe end of summer is (sadly) here, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t channel some serious ’70s vibes well into the fall: Simply throw on a pair of aviator sunglasses. The style has been an accessories staple since appearing in films like “Top Gun,” but when worn with other utilitarian pieces like […]

19 Pairs of Platform Sandals to Wear When Your Feet Hurt

Comfort, but make it fashion.Photo: ImaxtreeWe love our highest heels as much as the next person, but it’s time we got something off our chests: They can be just plain uncomfortable. Plus, while they might look amazing on Instagram, they’re not always the most practical option in your closet — especially if you’re running late. […]

18 Silk-Satin Skirts That May or May Not Include the Ubiquitous Leopard Midi Skirt

Everyone is all about this summer-friendly garment.Photo: ImaxtreeWhile bike shorts can be considered the easiest, most comfortable summer outfit, we’d assert that the slip skirt — preferably made of silk-satin and bias cut — is a very close second. In fact, a certain leopard midi skirt has become so ubiquitous among warm-weather ensembles that it’s […]

23 Affordable Work Dresses That Will Make You Feel Like a Powerhouse

In the words of Charlotte Pickles from “Rugrats,” you will “eat, breathe, drink and sweat self-esteem!”Photo: ImaxtreeWelcome to Career Week! While we always make career-focused content a priority on Fashionista, we thought spring would be a good time to give you an extra helping of tips and tricks on how to make it in the […]