Fashion Girls Aren’t Giving Up This $8 Amazon Item

There’s nothing a fashion girl likes more than a cool accessory, especially during the frigid winter months when the temperatures have you feeling limited in your wardrobe choices. Be it a statement headband, a stack of necklaces wrapped around a turtleneck, or a sleek pair of leather gloves, any chance to add a bit of personality […]

31 Random Amazon Finds I Always Get Asked About

I’ve admitted before that even though I might not be the most efficient shopper, when I do make a purchase, I commit—wholeheartedly. This is probably why countless friends, family members, and colleagues are always amazed by the must-have products I’ve discovered over the years on Amazon. You see, even though I loathe the crowds of Fifth Avenue […]

46 Cheap-and-Chic Fashion Items That Will Sell Out by Next Month

An expensive-looking wardrobe doesn’t mean a closet stocked full of actually expensive items. In fact, it’s actually quite simple to create high-end-feeling looks on a budget if you incorporate affordable (but elevated) pieces into your ensembles. To highlight further, I’m showcasing 46 of the cheapest and chicest staples that can be mixed and matched with other items […]

10 Ways to Look Chic in 2020 for Under $100

Anyone else go way over their budget on gifts, fancy holiday dinners, winter getaways, and festive attire over the holidays? Perhaps, I’m not alone! So how do we reinvigorate our wardrobes in 2020 when we’re longing to look and feel newly refreshed, utterly stylish, and perfectly on-trend this year without spending our entire paycheck? Luckily, I’ve […]