The 2018 Holiday Style Guide

You don’t need much for the perfect holiday outfit. It boils down to a few staples, a few seasonal classics, and small but sophisticated embellishments. If you’re looking to put together a wardrobe that wears well at the office, a dinner party, a cold-weather date, or the family gathering, here are the essential pieces that […]

The Best Aftershaves for Every Skin Type

People Images/Getty ImagesIn the beginning, aftershave was little more than an antiseptic that your barber slapped on your face post-blade activity to avoid bacterial infection from accidental nicks. The alcohol helped cleanse wounds and close the pores, and a splash of manly scent made even the most hapless fellow feel like he was ready to […]

6 Packable Down Jackets to Keep You Warm This Winter

With many people on the East Coast having received their first snow showers over the weekend, it’s safe to say that winter has officially come—and that it’s only get colder the further into the season we get. And as nice as wool coats can be, every now and again you just need to make sure […]

The Best Scents for Men to Wear this Winter

There’s a reason you still wear the same cologne you splashed on for your college semi-formal. Sure, there’s the possibility that the scent your older brother told you to get at 19 is perfect and the only one you’ll ever wear. But there’s also the possibility that it’s just easier than dealing with the alternative. The world of […]

6 Grooming Products That Will Save Your Hair This Winter

There is no doubt as the weather cools down, the air gets dryer, and the wind whips around with brutal force, your skincare needs shift. You can have dry, flakey skin and itchy, ashy patches. So every winter you do something about it—you buy lotion, maybe you turn down the temperature of the water during […]

The best men’s fragrances to warm up winter

Like your go-to cocktails and your go-to outerwear, the fragrance you wear in winter should harmonize with the weather. When winter arrives, save your florals and your citruses for T-shirt weather and margarita season. In the cold, you want a scent that warms you up—and that soothes others’ senses, too. There are roughly three categories […]

Finding the perfect pair of jeans

It’s a fact: A man wears his jeans through just about everything—from Super Bowl wins (or losses) and first dates to casual Fridays and hanging with his buddies. A good pair of jeans is something he can always count on. And every pair should fit like it was made just for him. So we sat […]

The best ways to combat oily skin

Like the color of your eyes and the texture of your hair, the oily nature of your skin is a genetic trait. If yours produces more oil than the next guy’s, this is just a reality with which you have to live. Oily skin doesn’t have to haunt you, though: It’s easy to minimize the […]

2018 style and grooming resolutions

2017 was full of ups and downs, so there’s no doubt most of us are ready to say hello to a new year. The good news is you’re a Men’s Fitness reader, so you can probably already check “Get the badass body I see in magazines” off your resolution list. With all that gym time, […]

9 men’s grooming habits to start the new year

A grooming resolution covers many bases: skin, hair, facial hair, hygiene, teeth, and more (just as a fitness resolution has all sorts of objectives, like cardio, lifting, and core work). That’s why, to look and feel your best, you’ve got to adopt some lifelong habits. There are no instant, permanent fixes. Here are nine grooming […]