Cozy Weekend Outfit Ideas You Can Leave the House In

When it comes to weekends, why wouldn’t you want to spend them dressed as comfortable and as cozy as you possibly can? Personally, we tend to live out our weekends dressed in the same workout leggings and oversize hoodie (the recent Saturday Night Live skit about Nike Pro-Chiller Leggings really spoke to us). However, whether […]

TSA Says These Are the Best Airport Sneakers

Anxious traveler or not, getting held up at the airport is the not the best way to kick off a vacation. Which is why mastering the ins and outs of TSA is crucial to easy, breezy air travel. While we’ve talked to former-agents about what to avoid wearing before, we thought it best to investigate a […]

The Shoe Style I’ll Be Living in This Spring

If you’re team heels-over-flats (like me), then this one’s for you. With spring weather right around the corner, today I’m sharing the shoes that I’ll be living in—because they also happen to be the most comfortable heel style out there. Whether I’m planning my week’s worth of outfits for the office or packing for a […]

Minimalist Bags Even My Super-Extra Self Would Love

No one in their right mind would describe me as a minimalist. I am known for gravitating toward anything bright, covered in glitter, or adorned with feathers. I prefer emotional purchases over stagnant ones, and a simple black bag doesn’t stand a chance when one dripping in crystals is sitting right next to it. But […]

Overthinking Sucks, But These Simple Wedding Guest Outfits Don’t

Weddings naturally stir up so many feelings and sometimes unwelcome thoughts. In my short life, the weddings I’ve attended have had me pondering things like: Will my ex-boyfriend be there? What kind of dress is appropriate for an outdoor springtime formal wedding? Is it embarrassing if I don’t bring a date? Will I ever find […]

12 Pieces That Really Want You to Wear Them to Coachella

Festival season has arrived, everyone. It’s all but impossible not to be hyperaware that Coachella is right around the corner with everyone buzzing about the weekend. We’re gearing up for this year to be one of the best festivals yet (hello, Beyoncé is headlining). Second only to the amazing lineup of artists performing throughout the […]

Here’s Exactly What to Wear With Red Shoes

At this point, we always consider denim a neutral, but if you didn’t know, it especially applies here. As you’ll see below, when combined with any number of neutrals (tans, black, white, greys, and, of course, jeans), a red shoe not only pairs well, but it also gives your look an exciting edge. This post […]

These Are the Most Comfortable T-Shirts to Travel In

It’s a no-brainer that T-shirts are the absolute best items to travel in. While I don’t wear tees every day of the week, I’d consider myself to be a T-shirt connoisseur, so needless to say, I always travel with a variety of cozy tees. However, it has taken a considerable amount of trial and error […]

My Weekend Capsule Wardrobe Works—See for Yourself

At that point, I realized I had to edit things down. So I made resale and giveaway piles to clear out the clutter and zeroed in on the essential pieces to keep in my wardrobe. I’ve got to admit it was refreshing to have fewer pieces to choose from—and ones that I truly loved—which also […]