Archivists, and the Archives They Maintain, Are the Heartbeat of Fashion Houses

These mini-museums have the very important job of both protecting the past and supporting the future.In fashion, as in anything else, everything old is new again. This is especially true right now, as the planet’s most-followed individuals revert back to such once-eschewed, decades-old staples as tracksuits and inflated shoulders. The industry has been riding a […]

Hear Me Out—Kris Jenner’s ’90s Wardrobe Is So Perfect for Now

Many of the key buys for 2018 are reworkings of ’80s and ’90s classics, such as Versace scarf prints, leather belt bags, pastel double-breasted suits and white shoes. This week, Kris Jenner hijacked her daughter Kylie’s Instagram account to show her collection with Kylie Cosmetics—she wore all black with a chunky gold Chanel chain belt […]

This Is Hands Down the Most Comfortable Bra I’ve Ever Worn

Co-founder Lauren Schwab also weighed in on why she and Marissa set out to create Negative Underwear, she noted that “most women say they have 15 bras but they only wear 1 or 2, so we wanted to create a product that was really your go-to.” Though we spoke over the phone, I couldn’t help […]

What Not To Do on Instagram If You Want to Be a Model

“Instagram is sort of the definition of the American dream today,” as Salem puts it. And though it’s hard not to assume it’s a bit of a numbers game, she also tells us that followers count is not always the most important measurement of success. “We booked a Prada campaign with someone who had like […]

Inside the Vibrant Singapore Fashion Scene

More and more, the Singapore fashion scene has been making its way onto our radar. The uptick in attention might be attributed to everything from the growing number of designers and models hailing from the area, or even the anticipation of this summer’s Crazy Rich Asians—a fashion-centric film that highlights the opulent lives of the […]

The Summer Dress You Should Never Wear to Work

Dressing for the office when it’s really hot outside is always a challenge, as you question what is and isn’t appropriate for the workplace. A little while back, we turned our co-founder Hillary Kerr’s unparalleled advice into a story on the number one bra “rule” that should be applied while dressing for the office. “I’ve […]

The Best (Affordable) Place to Shop When You’re Bored

How many times have you been at home alone, felt super bored, and inevitably ended up online window shopping? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. In case you’ve run out of stores to head to when said boredom kicks in, I have one that makes me feel extremely entertained every single time—Urban Outfitters. I don’t […]

Every Cherry-Print Dress I Have My Eye on Right Now

Call me biased, but I think the trends that everyone’s wearing right now are the best yet. Unexpected neon colors, nostalgic hair clips, and whimsical fruity prints are just a few of the trends that are reminding me just how fun fashion can really be. Speaking of all the fruit-inspired prints we’re seeing lately, this is a trend that’s as good for […]