18 Stylish Graduation Dresses Under $100

Graduation is around the corner, so it’s time to get an early start on finding the right dress to wear under your cap and gown. The commemorative day is always timed on the edge of spring and summer, so breezy day dresses are the perfect style to reach for. Whether you’re a fan of off-the-shoulder […]

Prepare Yourself: Colored Denim Is Coming

If you want to give your closet an energy shot this season, then read on, my friends. Because nothing exudes sartorial zest quite like colored denim. From pale pastels to vibrant hues, colored denim has been making a welcome appearance on our top street style muses and at our favorite retailers as of late. Pair […]

French Girls Avoid These Swimsuit Styles

If you’ve ever imagined what the beaches of the Côte d’Azur look like once summer hits, it’s scattered with sun-kissed, swimsuit-clad French girls next to the glittering water of the Mediterranean. Sounds pretty perfect to us. But in case you aren’t visiting the South of France, it’s still possible to tap into that effortless cool […]

Influencers, RewardStyle Accuse PopSugar of Stealing Content; PopSugar Says It Was an Experiment

Influencers are mad because Popsugar took their photos without consent and switched out the Rewardstyle affiliate links for a page that Popsugar says it basically forgot existed.Amber Venz Box. Photo: Instagram/@venzeditsIt’s been a big day for news stories that wouldn’t have even been comprehensible 10 years ago (and are barely comprehensible now), what with the […]