Dior Made Tiny Haute Couture Gowns for Autumn-Winter 2021

From miniature horses to baby Air Jordans to tiny burritos YouTubers make for their pet hamsters, it is universally known that tiny versions of things are inexplicably cuter than their normal-sized counterparts. (The only exception to this rule is cupcakes, which are not nearly as adorable as full-sized cakes.) Dior took note and delivered its […]

What If Digital Fashion Week Is the Best Fashion Week Ever?

Fashion designers are often at their creative best when they binge on excess—cigarettes and other vices, sure, but also budgets, pricetags, colors, silhouettes. For most of its history, fashion has operated in this creative mode, with rock-star like designers presiding over Coachella-like fashion weeks. Over the past two decades, a spirit of indulgence has given […]

Chris Evans and Lily James Spent a Night Out Together in London

Here’s another surprise celebrity friendship (at the very least) to emerge this summer: Chris Evans and Lily James were photographed spending a night together in London. James, who played Lady Rose on Downton Abbey and starred as Cinderella in Disney’s live action adaptation of the film, was seen leaving Mark’s Club in Mayfair with the […]

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Co. Revealed Their Beauty Tips and Tricks

Tying to mimic Kendall Jenner’s everyday beauty look? Well, look no further because the top model just spilled all the tea on her go-to glam secrets.In a new post on Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, the sisters have compiled all of their tried-and-true beauty tips and tricks — as told in video interview form to Vogue. Between routine rituals, Kendall shared her must-have beauty products and […]