I’m Obsessed With Maintaining My Blonde During Quarantine—This Product Is My MVP

I’ve been blonde my entire life and began my career as a faux blonde way back in fifth grade. For a long time, I maintained I was still naturally dirty blonde, but quarantine has been a very humbling experience on that front. Regardless, for years, I’ve needed purple shampoo and conditioner in my life like I need coffee and Jon & Vinny’s delivery come Friday. I’m insanely perfectionistic about maintaining my bright-blonde hue, and my shower is never without six or seven bottles of the stuff. I’m practically an alchemist at this point.

Regardless of the tone of your blonde (this also applies to silver, gray, and white hair, too), the best purple shampoos and conditioners come in clutch thanks to their signature violet tone, which naturally counteracts that inevitable yellow, brassy tinge that can start to creep in a few weeks, sometimes even a few days, post–color session. You can blame other products in your hair routine (only use clear oils, people) in addition to the chemicals and minerals found in your water for any unwanted color morph.

Regularly using purple-toned formulas is an expert-backed antidote, and every single colorist I’ve ever seen has reminded me to purple up every few washes to keep things toned and on the cooler side of the blonde-hair-color spectrum. So since I’ve tried more purple shampoos and conditioners in my 27 years than any other type of hair product, I’m sharing 11 of the very best formulas below. Keep scrolling! 

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