I’m Taking a Zara Break and Shopping These Awesome Vintage Stores Instead

While vintage shopping is one of my favourite pastimes (I miss my student days spent thrifting for goodies on the regular), I often find it difficult to come up with the spare time to rummage through countless thrift store racks. So, how’s a girl to get her retro clothing fix? Online, of course.

Shopping for both designer and affordable second-hand clothing and accessories online has become easier than ever before—thanks to the rise of DM-ready Instagram accounts that make it possible to buy directly from your feed. If that’s not enough, digital hubs such as ASOS Marketplace and Etsy are also becoming increasingly well stocked with vintage gems.

Whether you’re into picking up minimalist Helmut Lang pieces from the ’90s, rockabilly dresses from the ’50s, rare vintage bridal wear, quirky ’00s pieces or the ’70s styles that made their way onto the latest runways, we’ve tracked down 22 of the coolest places to buy vintage clothing from. Get ready to be inspired by the new styling ideas you’ll receive from those sharing and selling their pre-loved pieces from all over the world.

Keep scrolling to see our favorite online vintage shops.

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