I Don’t Usually Wear Color, But These 6 Are Really Speaking to Me Right Now

It’s no secret that I have admittedly simple style. My day-to-day outfits often involve mostly classic basics and relatively few colors, if any, and my shopping habits reflect it. However—there’s always a however, isn’t there?—lately, there are more than a handful of hues that keep showing up in my feed and subsequently on my wish list, and it’s been both a surprise and a delight.

Perhaps it’s my subconscious desire for a more emotionally uplifting wardrobe at this time (the same one that has drawn the fashion world into a tie-dye relapse), but dressing colorfully is starting to feel more like what I should be doing all the time and less like the exception. Of course, I haven’t taken it that far yet, but I’m definitely considering it and eyeing the below six shades in particular. To see and shop them all, simply continue on.

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