Marilyn Monroe’s Skincare Routine Included a Crucial Step That Most People Skip

It’s no secret that we really love digging into celebrity skincare routines here at Who What Wear Beauty. From mining Instagram posts to reading countless interviews and asking the burning questions ourselves, we’ve pieced together the beauty secrets of everyone from January Jones to Drew Barrymore. If a star has shared a skincare product or practice they love, we’ve noted it—even stars from past generations, such as Marilyn Monroe.

Old Hollywood beauty secrets are tricky because they’re just that—secrets. The Marilyns, Gretas, and Audreys of yesteryear were a lot more precious with their rituals than the Gwyneths, Tracees, and Jennifers of today. But recently, the forthcoming destination dedicated to the history of makeup, the Makeup Museum, shared an official document via Instagram outlining Monroe’s exact skincare routine, as prescribed by her trusted dermatologist and skincare trailblazer, Erno Laszlo.

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