I Used to Get My Eyebrows Done Every 2 Weeks—Here’s How I’m Doing Them at Home

I’m not sure what it is about me, but let me tell you, my eyebrow hair grows fast (like really, really fast). Ever since I could remember my brows have been super thick (an esthetician once told me they were her dream canvas) and in need of constant attention. Since I started getting them waxed in middle school, I’ve had to get them done every two weeks to keep them up, with the occasional plucking in-between visits. (I know it’s frowned upon—please don’t @ me.) I recently found a threading salon near my apartment that kept my brows in tip-top shape. (Threading is typically more affordable than waxing, and since I go so often, it’s perfect for my budget.) But then the lockdown started, and I found myself in quite the dilemma: My hair has continued to grow like crazy, and I have nowhere to go for help.

Instead of letting my brows grow back to their original caterpillar-like state, I decided to jump into action for the sake of Zoom calls, the front-facing camera on my phone (I take a ridiculous amount of selfies), and most importantly, my boyfriend, who sees me every day in quarantine. Luckily, there was a brief stint in college when I became savvy at doing my own brows, so I dug up some old products (plus, ordered a lot of new ones) and got to work. And I must say, I’ve made them look pretty decent. Want to know what I’m using? Keep scrolling for my go-to items for my eyebrows, plus 15 other at-home hair-removal essentials you’ll definitely want to add to your cart.

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