33 Fashion, Beauty, and Homeware Buys Under $50 That Will Perk Up Your Day

I’m appreciating some lighthearted distraction these days amidst the current news cycle (watching Tik Tok and potting plants are some of my favorite diversions), but I’m especially loving the chance to make some welcome updates in my home, in the beauty department, and in my wardrobe now that I have a little extra time to focus on self-care and creating a more beautiful environment to live in.

So today, I’m sharing some of my favorite fashion, beauty, and homeware finds on the internet that are sparking joy and brightening my mood. Whether you’re looking for a new scented candle to create a sense of calm in your environment, a hydrating face mask to make you feel your best or a colorful knit top to brighten up your daily Zoom-meetings, scroll below as I share the items guaranteed to perk up your day. And the best part? Everything is under $50.

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