These Waterproof Shoes Will Get You Through Wet Winter Months

With winter come wet, wet days—from snow piled high on the sidewalks to puddles of water at every turn, it is almost inevitable that you will spend half of your time avoiding getting wet and the other half failing to do so. We city-dwellers are used to it, so we prepare ourselves with puffer coats and umbrellas for particularly soggy days. Despite a love for croc-embossed leather boots, the fact of the matter is that our favorite fashionable booties won’t cut it for the season ahead. 

Instead, the It shoe of the season is any one that has the word waterproof in its name. Waterproof shoes typically bring to mind standard rain boots, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you hope to get through this season in style, shop the best waterproof shoes for women below. 

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