James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’ Watch Can Already Be Yours

And because waiting is for suckers, you can already buy 007’s watch now. It runs for $8,100 on a NATO strapor $9,200 for one with a mesh bracelet, which is the one Daniel Craig advocated for, Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann told a group of press in New York Wednesday morning.

Craig, Aeschlimann added, is the first Bond to ever collaborate directly with Omega on his character’s watch. “[Craig] loves watches, he knows watches, he wears watches,” Aeschlimann said.

Though it’s brand new, the watch comes with a vintage look: a domed crystal, slightly smaller case, and weathered-looking hands and hour markers. Those tanned features are typically developed over years of wear—among watch collectors, the effect is described as “tropical”—but Omega’s gone ahead and pre-patina’d this watch with a material called Super-LumiNov, which will only continue to age even more deeply over time. For the first time, a Bond watch is made out of titanium, a material so light it gives the piece a barely-there feel on the wrist.

Many of the watch’s final features are ones that Craig wanted to see in Bond’s newest watch. “When working with Omega, we decided that a lightweight watch would be key for a military man like 007,” Craig said via a press release. “I also suggested some vintage touches and color to give the watch a unique edge. The final piece looks incredible.”

a silver omega wrist watch face on a white background
The New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 James Bond WatchCourtesy of Omega

For 007 dorks, there are plenty of references to the films, too. The caseback, for instance, is inscribed with a serial number that follows the same sequence an actual military-issue watch would have. The second to last sequence features the numbers “007,” and the “62” that follows it refers to the year the first Bond movie was released. The dial’s “Broad Arrow” symbol is typically associated with the British Ministry of Defense.

While Bond’s watch has become as iconic to 007’s appearance as any Aston Martin or perfectly tailored tuxedo, creating one that can fit both sides of the spy’s character is Omega’s greatest challenge. “He has a character that, on one side, is an incredible adventurer who has a lot of missions,” Aeschlimann said. “And on the other side, a gentleman who represents the best of the British Secret Service.” He’s a character men are obsessed with dressing like, even if their watches don’t come souped-up by Q. “If you have that same watch as Bond, okay, maybe you don’t have the small dot to create a big bomb, but you feel like him,” Aeschlimann said.

the back side of a silver omega wrist watch on a white background
The New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 James Bond WatchCourtesy of Omega

Speaking of creating big bombs, I asked Aeschlimann the obvious question: in the movie, at least, does it do anything? Aeschlimann responded that the watch is beautiful, comes with master chronometer certification (meaning it’s highly precise), and can dive to 300 meters. Beyond that, it’s just a good, beautiful watch.“We at Omega want [the watches] to be as precise, as high tech, as incredibly well designed as possible,” he added, pausing for dramatic effect, ”to give time.” In other words, it doesn’t need a laser or a buzzsaw to meet the high standards of both watch collectors and the world’s suavest super-spy.

OMEGA Seamaster – Diver 300M OMEGA Co‑Axial Master Chronometer



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