Manicurists Say These 9 Nail Colors Look Especially Stunning on Deep Skin Tones

As much as we love heading to the salon for some much-needed hand and nail TLC, facing a six-foot wall of nail color options can feel oddly overwhelming. So much so, we sometimes resort to sticking with the same color family time and time again simply because we already know we love it. Why fix what’s not broken? That said, pretty much every nail color plays especially beautifully with dark skin tones, and according to top manicurists, there really isn’t any one shade that doesn’t look bold and amazing. 

Technically (aka, according to Mazz Hanna, celebrity manicurist and founder of her eponymous crystal-infused skincare line) the only real guideline when it comes to the best—or worst—nail colors for dark skin tones is steering clear of shades that are too close to your skin’s actual color. The effect, she says, can read “mannequin-y,” and you’re better off opting for neutrals two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural coloring. (For our expert-guide to nail neutral nails, see here.)

Of course, feel free to do what you damn well please (we love breaking beauty “rules” after all), but just ahead we’re sharing nine nail colors that look especially stunning paired with darker skin tones. Prepare to feast your eyes, and keep scrolling.

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